How to spell relatable

Is relatable a real word?

Relatable is the adjective form of relate, one meaning of which is to establish a social or sympathetic relationship with a person or thing. Saying something is relatable is the same as saying that you can relate to it.

What’s another word for relatable?

What is another word for relatable?


How do you use relatable in a sentence?

Relatable sentence examples Her lyrics are innocent and relatable to the intended audience, and Cyrus herself performs with unbridled energy. The characters are often relatable , the phrasing funny.

Can a person be relatable?

The definition of relatable is something that can be associated or compared to something else, or a person with whom you feel as if you have something in common.

What do u mean by BAE?

before anyone else

What makes someone relatable?

When we say that someone is relatable , we mean that it’s easy to understand and feel connected to them.

What’s the opposite of relatable?

What is the opposite of relatable?


What does I Cannot relate mean?

It means you don’t have the same experiences or feelings that the other person is talking about so you can feel or see it the way they do .

What does empathetic mean in English?

Empathetic means having or tending to have empathy —the ability or practice of imagining or trying to deeply understand what someone else is feeling or what it’s like to be in their situation. Empathy is often described as the ability to feel what others are feeling as if you are feeling it yourself.

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When did relatable become a word?

When this touchy-feely use of relate to took off in the ’60s, the adjective form relatable also made its appearance. (Before that, relatable more predictably meant “able to be related”: a relatable story is one that can be told.)

Why is being relatable important?

The Importance Being Relatable Holds to You, Based on Your Personality Type. For some it is truly important to be relatable to others, or at least to find people they can personally relate to. Lacking this connecting and relatability can be upsetting and even feel a bit lonely at times.

Can’t be more relatable meaning?

It means to feel sympathy with something someone is saying, let’s say that someone is telling a friend about a bad experience, the friend understands the problem or situation and tries to show his sympathy by telling this phrase, “I couldn’t relate more (to it)”

How do you become a relatable leader?

“Being relatable as a leader doesn’t mean being everyone’s best friend. Maxwell shares four ways to be relatable as a leader : Share your values. Knowing what ideals you live by, be it faith, family or integrity, show others how you see the world. Know your worth. See the value in others. Add value to others.

How do you make a conversation more relatable?

Today, we covered 6 important tips to help you do just that. Focus more on your subject than yourself. Relate to the other person when you have the opportunity. Watch late-night talk show to see professionals at work. Speak slowly. Read books on mastering conversation . Be conscious in your own conversations .

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