How to spell apologize

Is apologize spelled with az or an S?

Apologize is the American English variant of the same verb: to apologize . It is older and is more common still today. Apologize or apologise : Apologize is the preferred spelling in American and Canadian English, and apologise is preferred in varieties of English from outside North America.

What is mean Apologise?

verb (used without object), a·pol·o·gized, a·pol·o·giz·ing. to offer an apology or excuse for some fault, insult, failure, or injury: He apologized for accusing her falsely. to make a formal defense in speech or writing.

Is it correct to say apologize?

There is a subtle difference between saying “I’m sorry ” and “I apologize “. An apology is a formal admission of a wrongdoing. It is what is called a “heartfelt apology .” If someone says he is sorry but does not feel any remorse, then he is said to be lying. “I’ m sorry ” is also used to express sympathy.

How do you say sorry in British?

A way to be polite It is no lie that the Brits pride themselves on their politeness and use sorry as a way of showing good manners and courtesy. There are a number of other ways to say sorry the British way when being polite: “I beg your pardon” “I apologise” Tip: Saying sorry can save you from embarrassing situations.

Is apologize American spelling?

Apologize is the standard American English spelling . Apologise is the standard British English spelling .

How do you use apologize?

Apologize sentence examples I am the first to apologize , you know me! We apologize for the mistake and the inconvenience. I apologize again for my mistrust. I apologize for the mess. “Sis needed me to babysit,” he said, as if to apologize for his weekday presence in Parkside. Apologize in advance to the readers who already know this.

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How do you spell situation?

Correct spelling for the English word ” situation ” is [sˌɪt͡ʃuːˈe͡ɪʃən], [sˌɪt‍ʃuːˈe‍ɪʃən], [s_ˌɪ_tʃ_uː_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

How do you spell tomorrow?

tomorrow tomorow – 13.12% tommorow – 12.76% tomoro – 8.12% tommorrow – 7.72% tomarrow – 4.6% tomorro – 4.52% tomarow – 3.35% tomorr – 2.99%

How do you apologize professionally?

How to Apologize Appropriately Step 1: Express Remorse. Every apology needs to start with two magic words: “I’m sorry,” or “I apologize .” This is essential because these words express remorse over your actions. Step 2: Admit Responsibility. Step 3: Make Amends. Step 4: Promise That It Won’t Happen Again.

How do you apologize in a formal way?

Here are six other words for saying sorry. My Apologies . My apologies is another word for “I’m sorry.” It’s rather formal , so it’s fine for business contexts. Pardon/Pardon Me/I Beg Your Pardon. Pardon is a verb which means to allow as a courtesy. Excuse Me. Mea Culpa. Oops/Whoops. My Bad.

How do you use apologize in a sentence?

1 I must apologise for my outrageous behaviour. 2 We apologise for the delay and any inconvenience caused.

How do you politely apologize in English?

6 English Phrases for Apologizing Oops, sorry . / Sorry about that. I’m sorry for… / I’m sorry that… / I apologize for… It was my fault. I’m so sorry . / I’m really sorry . I should have… / I shouldn’t have… We deeply regret / Please accept our apologies .

How do you say I’m sorry in English?

List of 35 other ways to say I’m sorry in English . Excuse me. Ever so sorry . How stupid / careless / thoughtless of me. I apologize . I had that wrong. I hope you can forgive me . I owe you an apology. I sincerely apologize .

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What does terribly sorry mean?

Extremely; very. I’m terribly sorry . adverb.

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