How do you spell tour

Is Tour pronounced like Tore?

I’ve noticed more and more frequently lately that some people pronounce ” tour ” to rhyme with “pour”. In other words, ” tore ” and ” tour ” are homophones for these people.

How do you use tour in a sentence?

Tour sentence examples It’s so lovely a tour on a spring afternoon. Nice cars, nice enough house, but the tour bus doesn’t bother to point out their digs. The countship, however, had passed in 1422 to the house of La Tour , and was not annexed to the domain until 1615. If only he didn’t have to tour the Sector tonight!

How do you say the word tour?

” tour ” pronounced “tore” instead of “toor” | Discussion Forum | A Way with Words | A Way with Words | Discussion Forum.

What is the definition of a tour?

noun. a traveling around from place to place. a long journey including the visiting of a number of places in sequence, especially with an organized group led by a guide. a journey from town to town to fulfill engagements, as by a theatrical company or an entertainer: to go on tour ; a European concert tour .

Are poor and pour pronounced the same?

” Pour ” is with /or/ and poor is with /ur/.

How do you say foyer in America?

In standard American English, FOY-er is the more common pronunciation , but is often derided by speakers of standard British English, among whom FOY-yay is standard. My survey indicated, unsurprisingly that FOY-er is primarily an American pronunciation , but also that some Australians pronounce it this way too.

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What is difference between tour and travel?

The difference between Tour and Travel . When used as nouns, tour means a journey through a particular building, estate, country, etc, whereas travel means the act of traveling . When used as verbs, tour means to make a journey, whereas travel means to be on a journey, often for pleasure or business and with luggage.

What is the difference between trip and tour?

Trip is something like you often travel to a place and coming back the same day and so it is not long. Tour describes travelling from one place after another over a period of days.

What goes on tour stays on tour?

” What happens on tour , stays on tour ” is a notorious phrase or saying agreed to by persons who get together and travel either interstate or overseas for sporting tours . In essence, the phrase means that all exploits during the tour must be kept strictly confidential, never to be discussed with anyone outside the group.

What is the real pronunciation of poem?

The answer’s quite simple here; the one that you mention in the question is the American pronunciation , which when phonetically spelled goes : po-um or pome as you put it. The British pronunciation however is closer to the way the word is spelled and goes : po-ay-m or quite simply po-em.

Is AA a word?

It is a word . Specifically, it is an indefinite article, just like “an.” It’s a word .

What is a tour operator?

A Tour Operator is a person or company that thinks up ideas for holidays, researches the ideas, designs the holiday itinerary and content, contracts the services needed for the holiday, accommodation, transport, guides, tour leaders or resort reps etc and then markets the resultant package.

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What is the noun of tour?

tour . A journey through a particular building, estate, country, etc. A guided visit to a particular place, or virtual place. A journey through a given list of places, such as by an entertainer performing concerts.

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