How do you spell quite

How do you spell quite as in silent?

Obviously all three words are meant to be quiet . Quiet can be used as an adjective meaning “of little activity,” or as a noun meaning “tranquility” or “ silence .” Quite is an adverb and has the sense of “totally” or “completely.” Quiet can also be used as a verb meaning “to cause to be quiet .”

How do you spell quitting?

verb (used with object), quit or quit ·ted, quit ·ting. to stop, cease, or discontinue: She quit what she was doing to help me paint the house. to depart from; leave (a place or person): They quit the city for the seashore every summer. to give up or resign; let go; relinquish: He quit his claim to the throne.

What does quite mean?

Quite . Quite is a degree adverb. It has two meanings depending on the word that follows it: ‘a little, moderately but not very’ and ‘very, totally or completely’: … Quite + gradable adjectives and adverbs. When we use quite with a gradable adjective or adverb, it usually means ‘a little, moderately but not very’. 3 дня назад

How do you use quite in a sentence?

Quite sentence examples You’re growing into quite the young lady. It is quite near the park gate. He was getting to be quite a handsome young man. But she didn’t feel quite ready yet. I must have made quite a spectacle. There was a barber shop and I could see a calendar on the wall but I couldn’t quite read it.

What is the opposite of quiet?

Antonym of Quiet

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Word Antonym
QuietLoud, Noisy
Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is keep quiet?

1 : to not say anything or make any noise He thought about telling the police what he knew, but he decided to keep quiet . Please keep quiet during the movie. 2 : to not say anything about (something) She kept her plans quiet .

How many syllables is quiet?

2 syllables

What is spelling of cute?

Correct spelling for the English word ” cute ” is [kjˈuːt], [kjˈuːt], [k_j_ˈuː_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Where can I use quite?

When we use quite with a non-gradable adjective or adverb (an extreme adjective or adverb has a maximum and/or minimum, for example right – wrong), it usually means ‘very’, ‘totally’ or ‘completely’: The scenery was quite incredible. Helen had said the food was awful here. She was quite right.

What is another word for quite?

In this page you can discover 44 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for quite , like: pretty, totally, entirely, truly, more-or-less, perfectly, completely, reasonably, thoroughly, well and wholly.

Is quitted a real word?

According the the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary both “ quit ” and “ quitted ” are acceptable forms of the past tense of “ quit “. “ Quit ” remains in the same form throughout tense cases. There is no such word as “ quitted ”.

What does I quite like you mean?

but “i quite like ” has the opposite meaning , you can say it when you like something not that much. @Julia28: you say “i really like ” when you like something very much .. but “i quite like ” has the opposite meaning , you can say it when you like something not that much.

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What is quite a while?

” Quite a while ” means “a pretty long time”. It’s not a really long time, but it’s also not a short length of time. Exactly how long ” quite a while ” means depends on the situation. It can mean minutes, days, or even millions of years.

Which is better good or quite good?

In British English quite good only means pretty good or fairly good , but in American English it’s much more positive. Quite good means very good , so you can give yourself a pat on the back.

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