How do you spell pedal

How do you spell pedal on a bike?

Sometimes the only way to choose your words with homophones is to memorize their spellings and meanings. Pedal /peddle/petal is one such set of homophones. A pedal is a lever controlled with the foot, such as found on a piano or a bicycle . To pedal is to use such a lever to control something.

What does pedaled mean?

pedaled also pedalled ; pedaling also pedalling ˈpe-​dᵊl-​iŋ , ˈped-​liŋ Definition of pedal (Entry 3 of 3) intransitive verb. 1 : to ride a bicycle. 2 : to use or work a pedal .

How do you spell petals on a flower?

peddle / pedal / petal Petal comes from the Greek word petalon, meaning “leaf, thin plate.” A petal is the lovely colorful leaf-like ring around the center of the flower , a thin plate for a fairy. The petals make up a flower’s corolla, surrounding the center.

How do you use pedal in a sentence?

She put her foot down on the accelerator pedal . This sewing machine is operated by a foot pedal . To stop the machine push the foot pedal . The harder the brake pedal is pressed, the greater the car’s deceleration. The pedal had sheared off at the pivot. He raised his foot off the accelerator pedal .

Is it pedaling Pedalling?

Some touring cyclists cover both and peddle their pedal . present participle of ped·al (Verb)1. Move by working the pedals of a bicycle. It seems the English spelling is pedalling , the US is pedaling .

What is a pedal in anatomy?

(pĕd′l) adj. (also pēd′l) Of or relating to a foot or footlike part: the pedal extremities. ped′al·er, ped′al·ler n.

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What does piddle mean?

to spend time in a wasteful, trifling, or ineffective way; dawdle (often followed by around): He wasted the day piddling around. Informal. (especially of children and pets) to urinate.

Why do bikes stop when pedaling?

when we pedaling the bicycle it stops because (1)Earth’s gravitational force acts on it (2)it is not accelerated(3) no unbalanced force act on it(4) frictional force acts on it.

Where did the word pedal come from?

Where does pedal come from ? The first records of pedal come from the 1600s. It comes from the Latin pedālis, meaning “of the feet,” from pēs, meaning “foot.” The root pēs and its variants ped- and pedi- give us a lot of words related to feet, such as pedestrian (someone who travels by foot) and pedicure.

Is a petal a male or female part?

Structure. As a plant’s reproductive part , a flower contains a stamen ( male flower part ) or pistil ( female flower part ), or both, plus accessory parts such as sepals, petals , and nectar glands (Figure 19).

What does petal mean in British slang?

UK informal. a friendly way of talking to someone, especially a woman or child: What did you say, petal ?

What is the meaning of flower petals?

Petals are modified leaves that surround the reproductive parts of flowers . They are often brightly colored or unusually shaped to attract pollinators. Together, all of the petals of a flower are called corolla.

What is a synonym for pedal?

Synonyms . cycle bicycle bike ride backpedal wheel unicycle.

How do you use peddler in a sentence?

Try The Vintage Peddler for some good choices. A while later, she moved up to the popular Fan Fare as a T-shirt peddler . One night a poor Italian peddler died in Roosevelt Street.

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What is a sentence for pedestrian?

Examples of pedestrian in a Sentence Noun The car slid off the road and almost hit a group of pedestrians. 3 дня назад

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