How do you spell consensus

How do you use the word consensus?

Consensus sentence examples In general, the learned consensus dubbed the whole business with indifference. “The consensus is that Sasha dug his own grave,” Kiki said. It took several hours for the jury to come to a consensus . It is not strange that there is a growing consensus of opinion that Paul is the author.

What is an example of a consensus?

The definition of consensus is an agreement made by a group. An example of consensus is when Republicans and Democrats agree on language for a bill. An example of consensus is most people believing that it is wrong to kill another person.

What does consensus mean sexually?

Medical Definition of consensual 1 : existing or made by mutual consent consensual sexual behavior.

What is popular consensus?

Popular Consensus (Spanish: Consenso Popular, CP) was a Bolivian political party founded in 2009. In Pando, the party narrowly lost to the Movement towards Socialism in state elections, and thus formed the principal opposition.

What’s another word for consensus?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for consensus , like: unity, agreement, harmony, unanimity, disagreement, unanimousness, agree, redundancy, consent, unison and accord.

What are three synonyms for consensus?

Synonyms for consensus accord. consent. harmony. unanimity. unity. concord. concurrence. unison.

What is an example of consensus building?

Agreeing as a group to support the outcome of a vote. For example , a product development team has three product designs but can only implement one. Each member of the team votes for the product they feel will be most commercially successful with all members agreeing to support the outcome of the vote.

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Do we have a consensus?

Whenever there’s disagreement, there’s no consensus : consensus means everyone is on the same page. When you’re talking about all the people in the world, it’s hard to find a consensus on anything. There are just too many opinions. However, in a smaller group, reaching a consensus is possible.

Who is a consensus leader?

Consensus management is the process whereby team members work as a group to develop a solution and agree to support whatever decision is made in the best interests of the whole.

Is consensus always a good thing?

The search for consensus is a good thing … sometimes. It is a good thing to have your group aligned and moving forward together. But your pursuit of consensus needs to be managed such that you don’t give everyone the right to derail the conversation until they get what they want.

What is the literal meaning of consensus?

majority of opinion: The consensus of the group was that they should meet twice a month. general agreement or concord; harmony.

What is the role of consensus?

An effective consensus process ( consensus -building) is inclusive and engages all participants. Consensus decisions can lead to better quality outcomes that empower the group or community to move forward to create their future together.

Is a consensus unanimous?

Thus, a consensus -oriented process is one in which people work together to reach as much agreement as possible. Unanimity (or unanimous consent) is more specific. It refers to the outcome of a vote showing all members are agreed. Consensus is the process.

What is consensus in psychology?

Consensus : the extent to which other people behave in the same way in a similar situation.

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What does it mean to govern by consensus?

A consensus government is one in which the cabinet is appointed by the legislature without reference to political parties. Consensus government chiefly arises in non-partisan democracies and similar systems in which a majority of politicians are independent.

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