How do you spell camouflage

What does camouflage mean?

1 : the disguising especially of military equipment or installations with paint, nets, or foliage also : the disguise so applied. 2a : concealment by means of disguise The rabbit’s white fur acts as camouflage in the snow.

How do you use camouflage in a sentence?

Camouflage in a Sentence When we go deer hunting, we dress in camouflage so we can fade into nature’s background. As a defensive measure, some lizards can camouflage by changing colors to blend into their environments. My mother always wears long skirts to camouflage what she refers to as her “lumpy knees.”

How do you spell camouflage in English?

verb (used with object), cam·ou·flaged, cam·ou·flag·ing. to disguise by means of camouflage : to camouflage ships by painting them gray.

Is camouflaging a word?

cam·ou·flage. Protective coloring or other appearance that conceals an animal and enables it to blend into its surroundings.

What are the 4 types of camouflage?

What are the different types of camouflage ? Concealing colouration. Disruptive colouration. Mimicry. Disguise.

What is camouflage example?

An example of camouflage is when you dress in certain colors so you will blend in with your environment. An example of camouflage is green and white clothing worn by military men and women. An example of camouflage is a chameleon’s skin, which changes colors depending on his environment.

What mimicry means?

Mimicry , in biology, phenomenon characterized by the superficial resemblance of two or more organisms that are not closely related taxonomically. This resemblance confers an advantage—such as protection from predation—upon one or both organisms by which the organisms deceive the animate agent of natural selection.

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What is a synonym for camouflage?

SYNONYMS . disguise , hide, conceal, keep hidden, mask, screen, veil, cloak, cover, cover up, obscure, shroud.

What does camouflage look like?

Camouflage works most often in one of two ways. Camouflage clothes often make someone harder to see, thereby concealing their identity. Sometimes, though, camouflage might include specific colors and patterns meant to make someone harder to see by disguising them to look like something else.

What language is camouflage from?

Borrowed from French camouflage, from camoufler (“to veil, disguise”), alteration (due to camouflet (“smoke blown in one’s face”)) of Italian camuffare (“to muffle the head”), from ca- (from Italian capo (“head”)) + muffare (“to muffle”), from Medieval Latin muffula, muffla (“muff”).

What does clump mean?

Essentially, a clump is a grouping. You might see a clump of sheep grazing in a field or you might throw a clump of clothes into the washing machine. Clump can also mean lump, like when you find a clump of grass stuck to your shoe. As a verb, clump means “to gather,” as in “a flock of birds clumped together in a tree.”

Where does camouflage come from?

The word ‘ camouflage ‘ came from the French verb meaning ‘to make up for the stage’. Its practitioners, many of whom were artists, were known as camoufleurs. The following year the British Army established its own camouflage section under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Wyatt.

What is a camouflage animal?

Camouflage , also called cryptic coloration, is a defense or tactic that organisms use to disguise their appearance, usually to blend in with their surroundings. Organisms use camouflage to mask their location, identity, and movement. This allows prey to avoid predators, and for predators to sneak up on prey.

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Who invented camouflage?

Such trees became popular with the British and French armies in 1916. The observation tree was invented by French painter Lucien-Victor Guirand de Scévola , who led the French army’s camouflage unit, the first of its kind in any army.

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