Expand equation

How do you expand an equation?

To expand a bracket means to multiply each term in the bracket by the expression outside the bracket. For example, in the expression 3 ( m + 7 ) , multiply both and 7 by 3, so: 3 ( m + 7 ) = 3 × m + 3 × 7 = 3 m + 21 .

What is expanded form in algebra?

written in an expanded form. To simplify a term written in an expanded form, multiply the numbers together and omit all multiplication signs. Note that it is conventional to place the resultant number (called a coefficient) in front of the pronumerals (letters).

How do you expand a binomial?

Now on to the binomial.We will use the simple binomial a+b, but it could be any binomial.(a+b)2 = (a+b)(a+b) = a2 + 2ab + b2(a+b)3 = (a2 + 2ab + b2)(a+b) = a3 + 3a2b + 3ab2 + b3a3 + 3a2b + 3ab2 + b3Now, notice the exponents of a. Likewise the exponents of b go upwards: 0, 1, 2, 3:

What is the expanded form of 35?

Expanded form means that the number should be written in the form of ones,tens ,hundered ,etc. Expanded form of 35 will be 30 +5 where 5 is at ones place and 30 is a tens place.

What is an example of expanded form?

The expanded form of a number writes it as a sum, with each digit makes an individual term multiplied by its place value. For example 523 has an expanded form of 5 × 100 + 2 × 10 + 3 , 5 times 100 + 2 times 10 + 3 , 5×100+2×10+3, and 6203 has an expanded form of.

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