Enter the nuclear equation for the positron emission of 2211na (sodium-22).

What type of decay causes NA 22 to become ne22?

Sodium-22 is a man-made isotope with a half-life of 2.6 years. It decays emitting a positron (β+ decay) into stable neon-22. A very small part (0.06 %) of the decays leads directly to the ground state of neon.

Are positrons dangerous?

A PET scan uses a small amount of radioactive chemical. There is a very low chance that it could damage cells or tissue. Still, the radiation levels from the tracer that is sent throughout the body are very low.

What happens during an electron capture?

Electron capture is a mode of beta decay in which an electron – commonly from an inner (low-energy) orbital – is ‘captured’ by the atomic nucleus. The electron reacts with one of the nuclear protons, forming a neutron and producing a neutrino. The daughter nucleus may be in an excited state.

What is the nuclear equation for the decay of cobalt 60?

Cobalt-60 is a nuclide that β decays in the following manner: 60Co → 60Ni + β+ neutrino. The neutrino is a particle emitted in beta decay that was unanticipated and is of fundamental importance.

What is a beta decay equation?

In beta minus decay, a neutron decays into a proton, an electron, and an antineutrino: n Æ p + e – +. In beta plus decay, a proton decays into a neutron, a positron, and a neutrino: p Æ n + e+ +n.

What is a nuclear equation for alpha decay?

(The numbers following the chemical names refer to the number of protons plus neutrons.) In this reaction, uranium-238 loses two protons and two neutrons to become the element thorium-234. The reaction can be represented by this nuclear equation: → 90 234 T h + 2 4 H e + Energy.

How do you calculate nuclear decay?

Average number of radioactive decays per unit time (rate) • or – Change in number of radioactive nuclei present: A = -dN/dt • Depends on number of nuclei present (N). During decay of a given sample, A will decrease with time.

What is the half life of sodium 24?

15 hours

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What is the use of sodium 24?

Sodium 24 is used as an electrolyte tracer to follow the path sodium takes in a person’s body to see if their uptake levels are within normal ranges, while sodium 22 is used in nuclear medicine imaging for positron emission tomography. Sodium -24 can also be used in non-medical applications.

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