How to spell laugh

How do you spell the sound of laughter? ha ha. used for representing the sound of laughter . People sometimes say this to show that they think something is not funny. What is the word laugh? noun. the act or sound of laughing ; laughter . an expression of mirth, derision, etc., by laughing . […]

How do you spell colony

What do you mean by colonies? a group of people who leave their native country to form in a new land a settlement subject to, or connected with, the parent nation. the country or district settled or colonized: Many Western nations are former European colonies . any people or territory separated from but subject to […]

How do you spell patchouli

What does the word patchouli mean? : a heavy perfume made from the fragrant essential oil of a southeast Asian mint (Pogostemon cablin) also : the plant itself. What is patchouli used for? Patchouli oil is an essential oil that comes from the leaves of the patchouli plant. It’s often used for things such as […]

How do you spell hannukah

Why is Hanukkah spelled differently? You can blame it on the ch sound being similar to the H sound, making Hanukkah a bit easier for English speakers to understand the pronunciation. As little as about five years ago, the top spelling choice on the Internet was Chanukah . How many different ways can you spell […]

How do you spell felipe

Is Felipe a Spanish name? Felipe is the Spanish variant of the name Philip, which derives from the Greek adjective Philippos “friend of horses”. Felipe is also widely used in Portuguese-speaking Brazil alongside Filipe , the form commonly used in Portugal. How do you spell the name Therese? Teresa, Theresa and Therese (French: Thérèse ) […]