How to spell squeeze

What is squeeze slang for?

chiefly US slang . : someone’s main girlfriend, boyfriend, or lover.

How do you spell squeezable?

adjective. easily squeezed, compressed, or the like. (of a person) susceptible to intimidation or pressure, especially by blackmail.

What does my squeeze mean?

One’s sweetheart, as in Nancy is his main squeeze . This slangy usage, first recorded in 1970, alludes to the “ squeeze ” of a hug.

Is Squoze a real word?

While the former is the proper version, squoze is a real word used in several dialects. Ronald Reagan even used it in the 1980s.

What word is squeezed?

verb (used with object), squeezed , squeez·ing. to force out, extract, or procure by pressure: to squeeze juice from an orange.

Can you squeeze me in meaning?

: to find time for (someone or something) I can squeeze you in after my one o’clock appointment.

What does Squozen mean?

New Word Suggestion. The state of an fruit after it has been squeezed. the orange is squozen .

What is the past tense of squeeze?

The standard past tense of “ squeeze ” is not “squoze” but “ squeezed .” Even most people who write “squoze” know this, and use it jokingly.

How do you use squeeze in a sentence?

Squeeze sentence examples She smiled and reached out to squeeze his arm. With a squeeze of her arm, he left her. She gave him a final squeeze and released him. Maybe he was putting the squeeze on all over town. A small window overlooking the city was too small to squeeze through, and he saw no weapons.

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What does squeeze out mean?

: to force (someone or something) out of a position, place, etc. Big stores have squeezed out a lot of the smaller locally owned shops.

What is squeeze drink?

(slang) An illicit alcoholic drink made by squeezing Sterno through cheesecloth, etc., and mixing the result with fruit juice.

What does it mean when a guy squeezes your hand?

So, what does it mean when a guy wants to hold your hand ? It could be a sign that he likes you especially if he shows other signs of attraction around you, he only does it with you and if he tends to touch you a lot. He might also be trying to be protective, mirroring your own behavior or trying to console you.

How do you spell YEET?

Urban Dictionary says yeet is “especially used in basketball when someone has shot a three-pointer that they are sure will go in the hoop”. This is probably a derivation from the dance, during which the dancer calls out ” yeet ” when making a throwing action with their arms.

How do you spell Squoze?

Squoze is apparently the most common of a number of dialectal variants of the past tense of squeeze. It is attested in both British and American dialect: The OED Supplement shows it in American English since 1844.

Is aint a word?

The word ain’t is a contraction for am not, is not, are not, has not, and have not in the common English language vernacular. Ain’t is commonly used by many speakers in oral and informal settings, especially in certain regions and dialects.

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