How to spell ricochet

How do you spell ricochet in past tense?

past tense of ricochet is ricocheted or ricochetted.

What does it mean to ricochet?

(Entry 1 of 2) : a glancing rebound (as of a projectile off a flat surface) the ricochet of the bullet off the wall also : an object that ricochets He was hit by a ricochet .

What is a synonym for Ricochet?

verb. ( Synonyms . carom bound bounce leap spring skip bound off take a hop resile jump kick back recoil reverberate rebound kick.

How do you use Ricochet in a sentence?

She came bouncing into the room like a ricochet shot. ricochet around the hall. He crashes it down and a few stray cement shards ricochet off the brick wall behind me. A very fortuitous ricochet fell to Hogg only 5 yards from goal.

Is ricochet a French word?

The word ricochet is from the French word of the same spelling. Because of its French origin, the word is still pronounced with the soft French “shay” sound at the end — not a hard “T.”

What is a ricochet bullet?

Ricochets occur when a bullet or bullet fragment is deflected by an object rather than penetrating and becoming embedded in that object. Ricochet behavior may vary with bullet shape, bullet material, spin, velocity (and distance), target material and the angle of incidence.

How far can a bullet ricochet?

Re: How far will a ricochet go? military surface danger zones for 7.62×51 go out to 4100 meters from the firing point. That would translate to a bit over 3100 meters beyond your target (~ 2 miles ).

Can you skip a bullet?

Bullet “ skip ” or ricochet is something you need to consider when you ‘re in an environment with heavy, solid structures or using such as cover from a bad guy in a public space. In general, the harder and flatter a surface is, the more parallel to that surface a bullet will ricochet off.

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How old is WWE ricochet?

32 years (October 11, 1988)

What’s a word for bounce back?

What is another word for bounce back?

perk uppick up
rebound recuperate
reflectbe heartened

What part of speech is ricochet?


part of speech :intransitive verb
inflections:richochets, ricocheting, ricocheted
definition:to bounce or skip off a surface at an angle; rebound. The bullet ricocheted off the driveway and went through the neighbor’s front window. similar words: bound, glance, skip
related words:bounce

What word means to bounce back?

Words Related to bounce ( back ) reanimate, revitalize, revive.

What does a ricochet sound like?

It’s similar to a jet at supersonic speeds, except not as loud and minus the additional engine and turbine noise. Alternatively or additionally, it’s the simple sound of the bullet impacting air, similar to the sound of your hand when you stick it outside the window while traveling down the highway.

What’s another word for juggernaut?

Juggernaut Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus . What is another word for juggernaut ?


How do you use chute in a sentence?

Chute in a Sentence Santa’s elves pushed presents down the chute and into the back of the sleigh. The mailman was forced to return the package since there was no chute to deliver it through. Bounty hunters searched the land for a chute or channel that the escapees might have fled through.

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