How to spell icicle

How do you spell icicle in English?

icicle a pendent, tapering mass of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water. a thin strip of paper, plastic, or foil, usually silvery, for hanging on a Christmas tree as decoration. a cold, unemotional person.

How do you spell the plural of icicle?

The plural form of icicle is icicles .

What is another word for icicle?

What is another word for icicle?

icefrozen water
cube icedry ice
ice floepermafrost

What part of speech is icicle?

noun. a pendent, tapering mass of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water.

What does icicle mean?

1 : a pendent mass of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water. 2 : an emotionally cold person.

How do you spell nice?

adjective, nic·er, nic·est. pleasing; agreeable; delightful: a nice visit. amiably pleasant; kind: They are always nice to strangers. characterized by, showing, or requiring great accuracy, precision, skill, tact, care, or delicacy: nice workmanship; a nice shot; a nice handling of a crisis.

How do you spell sickle?

Correct spelling for the English word ” sickle ” is [sˈɪkə͡l], [sˈɪkə‍l], [s_ˈɪ_k_əl] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Why is an icicle considered nonliving?

An icicle is not living because it doesn’t need energy and it can’t reproduce. Although it grows and developed by becoming bigger, it doesn’t die.

How do you spell water?

Correct spelling for the English word ” water ” is [wˈɔːtə], [wˈɔːtə], [w_ˈɔː_t_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet). Similar spelling words for WATER waiter, waterway, wader, wiater, watery.

How is an icicle formed?

Icicles typically form on days when the outdoor air temperature is subfreezing but sunshine warms and melts some snow or ice. As it drips off your roof, a water droplet freezes when it loses its heat to the cold air. “This sort of freezing, thin film of water is what leads to the eventual icicle shape.”

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What is a synonym for snow?

1. SYNONYMS . snowflakes, flakes, snowdrift, snowfield, snowpack. snowfall, snowstorm, blizzard. sleet, hail, soft hail.

What is another word for winter?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for winter , like: cold season, wintertime, frosty weather, brumal, blackberry winter , cold, hibernal, jack-frost, wintertide, live and season.

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