How to spell heroes

Should heroes have an apostrophe?

Use apostrophes for possession In plurals, the apostrophe comes after the plural form of the word, which may not necessarily be an ‘s’, for example, heroes ‘ rewards (rewards of the heroes ), children’s toys (toys belonging to the children).

How do you spell more than one hero?

The plural of hero is always heroes . Unfortunately, there is no clever way of knowing which nouns ending o follow which rules. You have to know. (For example, you have to know that hero becomes heroes , but solo becomes solos.)

Is heroe a word?

heroe n. Obsolete form of hero .

What hero means?

1a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability. b : an illustrious warrior. c : a person admired for achievements and noble qualities. d : one who shows great courage.

Which is correct heros or heroes?

Heroes is the plural form of hero . So if Bonnie Tyler were to need more than one hero (let’s say two), then she’d call out, “I need two heroes !” . Heros is a genus of fish native to South America.

What is the plural form of zero?

Noun . zero (countable and uncountable, plural zeroes or zeros )

What is another name for a hero?

In this page you can discover 100 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hero, like: brave man, god, actor, great man, courageous, master, gallant, model, paladin, a man among men and italian-sandwich.

What makes a hero a hero?

“A hero can be a person that saves lives and stuff, but a hero can be anyone that does something they have fear of but are brave enough to still do something. Bravery is usually the biggest trait of a hero . This person has usually overcome huge obstacles to survive or to rescue others. Heroes come in all sizes.

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What is plural for foot?

For all other meanings of “ foot ,” we use “ foot ” for the singular form and “ feet ” for the plural .

Who are some real life heroes?

7 Stories of the Everyday Hero Within William Ayotte, Vickie Williams-Tillman, Qemal Agaj and Shirley White. William Ayotte. In 2013, Ayotte, then 69, battled a polar bear that was savagely mauling a woman in Manitoba, Canada. Qemal Agaj. Shirley White. Vickie Williams-Tillman. Stephen Willeford.

Are heroes born or made?

Put another way: Heroes aren’t born , they’re made . Expertise and training in helping others often spur people to act — rather than run or freeze — in a crisis. Even if someone hasn’t faced a particular emergency before, extensive and even general preparation helps the brain act almost automatically.

Is Hero a male?

usage note for hero But hero is now considered to be a gender-neutral word, and is also increasingly used to refer to a woman: a list of American heroes; Joan of Arc, a French hero . In the sense “the principal character in a story, play, etc.,” a hero is male and a heroine is female: Margaret is the novel’s heroine.

Who is the main hero of the hero?

The protagonist is the main character in the story you write about it. The difference is in their Greek roots — the word hero meant “demigod” and a protagonist meant the first person to address the chorus in a Greek drama, also known as the main character .

Who was the first hero in history?


Why we need heroes in our society?

People need heroes because heroes save or improve lives and because heroes are inspiring. Heroes elevate us emotionally; they heal our psychological ills; they build connections between people; they encourage us to transform ourselves for the better; and they call us to become heroes and help others.

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