How to spell dumb

What is the real meaning of dumb?

Dumb is the Old English word that means “mute, speechless,” and itself came from an even older word dheubh meaning “confusion, stupefaction, dizziness.” Today, dumb still means “unable to speak,” but it doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence. Its other meaning , however, does.

Is Dumber an actual word?

“Dumb” happens to be a gradable adjective… ( dumb- dumber – dumbest ), therefore “ dumber ” is absolutely correct. However if you want to use “more” it’s equally fine. Adjectives of comparison of the word dumb are dumber and dumbest .

What is a better word for dumb?

What is another word for dumb?


Do you say dumber or more dumb?

Here, the adjective form is dumb and the comparative form is dumber .

How dumb can you get meaning?

Definition of ‘ how stupid /lucky can you get ‘ ‘ or ‘ How stupid can you get ? ‘ to show your surprise that anyone could be as lucky or stupid as the person that you are talking about.

What is a sneaky?

: marked by stealth, furtiveness, or shiftiness a sneaky trick.

Who can not speak?

A person who cannot speak is called “deaf”. They are not capable to speak due to natural consequences. These are deaf or mute by there birth. Deaf and dumb which is self explanatory.

What’s a word for playing dumb?

What is another word for play dumb?

mum’s the wordhush
say nothingkeep quiet
keep it secretkeep shtum
hold your tonguekeep it to yourself
not another peepshut your mouth
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What’s a smart word for dumb?

stupid , unintelligent, ignorant, dense, brainless, mindless, foolish, slow-witted, slow, dull, dull-witted, witless, half-witted, blockish, doltish, dunce-like, simple, simple-minded, empty-headed, vacuous, vapid, idiotic , moronic, imbecilic, cretinous, obtuse, bovine, lumpish.

Is stupidest proper English?

Stupidest vs. The same rules apply to creating superlative adjectives. The only difference is that they take the suffix -est or the determiner “most.” As with stupider , stupidest is perfectly correct and listed as standard in dictionaries.

Is hurted a word?

From the 15th century to the mid-19th century, hurted was used as a standard alternative to hurt and various other spellings as the simple past tense and past participle of to hurt .

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