How to spell cataract

Why is it called cataract?

” Cataract ” is derived from the Latin cataracta, meaning “waterfall”, and from the Ancient Greek καταρράκτης (katarrhaktēs), “down-rushing”, from καταράσσω (katarassō) meaning “to dash down” (from kata-, “down”; arassein, “to strike, dash”).

What is an example of cataract?

The definition of a cataract is a flood, waterfall or rush of water, or an eye disease when the lens becomes opaque, causing partial or total blindness. An example of a cataract is Niagara Falls. An example of a cataract is an eye problem where the lens in an older person’s eye gets cloudy causing vision issues.

What are the 3 types of cataracts?

There are three primary types of cataracts: nuclear sclerotic, cortical, and posterior subcapsular they also have unique symptoms which are discussed below. Nuclear Sclerotic Cataracts. Cortical Cataracts. Posterior Subcapsular Cataracts . Behaviors that Can Be Changed to Reduce Your Risk of Cataract.

What is the best treatment for cataract?

When your prescription glasses can’t clear your vision, the only effective treatment for cataracts is surgery .

Can Cataract be cured?

Surgery is the only way to get rid of a cataract , but you may not need to get surgery right away. Home treatment. Early on, you may be able to make small changes to manage your cataracts .

Is cataract surgery painful?

Cataract surgery is rarely painful and most patients who have gone through the procedure say they only had slight discomfort. After surgery , most patients are relieved how fast and relatively pain -free the procedure is.

How fast do cataracts grow?

How Fast Does A Cataract Grow ? Certain types of cataracts progress quite rapidly and cause cloudy vision within a few months. Fortunately, these are relatively uncommon. Most cataracts develop gradually and do not require surgery for many months or years.

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What age cataract starts?

In many cases, cataracts are age-related, appearing first when a person is in his or her 40s or 50s , but not affecting vision until after age 60 . In other cases, cataracts may be related to eye trauma, long-term diabetes, corticosteroid medications or radiation treatments.

How long do Cataracts take to grow?

Because most age-related cataracts typically develop over a span of years, it’s a relatively slow process. However, some types of cataracts may develop faster, such as in individuals with diabetes, where cataracts can develop rapidly.

At what stage should cataracts be removed?

In short, if an individual has a cataract and resultant blurred vision that makes it difficult to do anything he or she wants and needs to do, it is time to consider cataract surgery . If there are cataracts in both eyes that require surgery , the surgeries are usually performed several weeks apart.

Can stress cause cataracts?

Oxidative stress damages fats and proteins in the lens of the eye and causes the lens to become cloudy and develop a cataract .

Can you see cataracts in the mirror?

At some point, the maturing lens begins to opacify, blocking and scattering the light entering the eye. If left untreated, a cataract will naturally continue to progress. In some cases, the maturing cataract becomes completely white and can be seen in the mirror or by others.

Can cataracts go away on their own?

Some may stop progressing altogether after a certain point, but cataracts never go away on their own , and if they continue to grow they can cause blindness if left untreated. Although cataracts are not reversible, there are some things you can do that may help slow down the progression of cataracts .

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How can I fix my cataracts without surgery?

Is There a Natural Cure for Cataracts ? Have regular eye examinations. This way, you can detect and treat eye problems earlier. Stop smoking, reduce alcohol use and manage health problems. Eat fruits and vegetables. Wear sunglasses.

What causes a cataract to grow fast?

There are some types of cataracts that can progress more rapidly , requiring treatment within a few years of the initial diagnosis, rather than decades. These cataracts are more likely to occur in younger adults, and they are more likely to be caused by trauma, illness, or radiation exposure than just age.

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