How to spell aerial

How do you spell Ariel as in aerial view?

They don’t help you out, but they do make you laugh. Aerial (pronounced “airee-uhl”) has multiple meanings. Arial (pronounced”airee-uhl”) is a noun. It’s the name of a sans-serif typeface offered in Microsoft Windows applications. Ariel (pronounced”airee-uhl”/”arr-ee-uhl”) has multiple meanings.

How do you spell the name aerial?

Ariel is a given name from Biblical Hebrew אריאל Ariel that literally means “lion of God”. The female form is אריאלה (transliterated as Ariela, Ariella, or the alternative English and French spelling Arielle). In modern Hebrew, Ariel is primarily used as a male name .

What is the meaning of the word aerial?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : of, relating to, or occurring in the air or atmosphere the aerial acrobatics of circus performers. b : existing or growing in the air rather than in the ground or in water aerial plants. c : high in the air aerial spires.

What does an aerial view mean?

The terms aerial view and aerial viewpoint are also sometimes used synonymous with bird’s-eye view . The term aerial view can refer to any view from a great height, even at a wide angle, as for example when looking sideways from an airplane window or from a mountain top.

How do you use aerial in a sentence?

Aerial sentence examples Open aerial longdistance lines have also been loaded, but not to the same extent. the three great sections of aerial , terrestrial, and aquatic birds are abolished. He flipped a switch to display an aerial of the country club on one wall and Dusty’s condo on another.

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What is difference between aerial and antenna?

An antenna is used for transmitting radio waves, whether used for radio, television, cell phones or other more sophisticated equipment. Aerials are used for reception, not for transmission. The most common use which most people would be accustomed to is the aerial that is used for a car radio.

How do you spell Elsa?

Correct spelling for the English word ” Elsa ” is [ˈɛlsə], [ˈɛlsə], [ˈɛ_l_s_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is a synonym for aerial?

ˈɛriːəl) Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; as impalpable or intangible as air. Synonyms . aeriform aery unreal airy insubstantial unsubstantial ethereal.

Is Ariel in the Bible?

Ariel (Hebrew: אריאל‎, romanized: Ari’el, Arael or Ariael) is an angel found primarily in Jewish and Christian mysticism and Apocrypha. The word Ariel occurs in the Hebrew Bible at Isaiah 29:1, 29:2, and 29:7, where it refers to Jerusalem.

What is the root word of aerial?

aerial (adj.) also aërial, c. 1600, “pertaining to the air,” from Latin aerius “airy, aerial , lofty, high” (from Greek aerios “of the air, pertaining to air,” from aēr “air;” see air (n.1)).

What is meant by aerial parts of plant?

Dear friend, Aerial parts of a plant means parts which grow above the ground. The aerial parts of a plant include stem, fruit, leaf, etc.

What is the meaning of aerial parts of plants?

Plant Components, Aerial Definition : The above-ground plant without the roots. coord with specific plant . Examples Flowering Tops; Fruit; Plant Epidermis; Plant Leaves; Plant Shoots; Plant Stems.

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What are the types of aerial photography?

aerial photographs are classified into the following types : (i) Vertical photographs (ii) Low oblique photographs (iii) High oblique photographs (i) Vertical Photographs : While taking aerial photographs , two distinct axes are formed from the camera lens centre, one towards the ground plane and the other towards the

What is the difference between aerial and satellite images?

While both processes can produce digital images , satellite images have greater large-scale scientific applications, and aerial photography has greater small-scale commercial applications.

Who uses aerial photography?

The use of aerial photography for military purposes was expanded during World War I by aviators. Aerial photography is used in cartography, land- use planning, archaeology, movie production, environmental studies, espionage, commercial advertising, conveyancing, and other fields.

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