How do you spell whiskey

Are there two ways to spell whiskey?

In modern usage, whisky is from Scotland and whiskey is from Ireland. The difference comes from the translation of words from the Scottish and Irish Gaelic forms . Although the legal spelling is whisky , whiskey is generally preferred. Some distilleries do like to use the ‘Scottish’ version ā€“ see Maker’s Mark.

How do you spell Whisky?

Both spellings of the word, whiskey and whisky , are correct. The tricky part is matching the right spelling with the right country of origin. If you’re talking about a drink that’s been made in Scotland, Canada, or Japan, use the spelling without the eā€” whisky .

Why is whiskey spelled wrong on Maker’s Mark?

Bourbon’s definition, and how it differs from other whiskies, is the source of some confusion, so we’ll start with the basics: Bourbon is a whiskey (not ” whisky ,” which is the Scottish spelling ā€” although Maker’s Mark does spell its name ” whisky ” because it uses a process similar to that of Scotch ) that is made with at

How do you spell whiskey in Irish?

The word ” whiskey ” (as spelt in Ireland and America) or ” whisky ” (the typical spelling in Scotland and the rest of the world) itself is simply an anglicised version of this phrase, stemming from a mispronunciation of the word uisce in Ireland or uisge in Scotland.

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