How do you spell ursula

Is Ursula a real name?

Ursula is a feminine given name in several different languages. The name is derived from a diminutive of the Latin ursa, which means “bear”. The name has been rather uncommon in the English-speaking world, although its use has been recently influenced by the Swiss-born actress Ursula Andress (born 1936).

What is short for Ursula?

Means “little bear”, derived from a diminutive form of the Latin word ursa “she-bear”. Saint Ursula was a legendary virgin princess of the 4th century who was martyred by the Huns while returning from a pilgrimage.

How common is the name Ursula?

Records indicate that 12,130 girls in the United States have been named Ursula since 1880. The greatest number of people were given this name in 1967, when 401 people in the U.S. were given the name Ursula .

Is Ursula Triton’s sister?

Ursula was originally conceived as Triton’s sister , which would have naturally made the character Ariel’s aunt, but the idea was ultimately abandoned. Clements and Musker had originally intended for Ursula to remain her original size at the end of the film.

Did Ursula used to be a mermaid?

She was originally a mermaid princess and the daughter of King Poseidon, named after the original sea goddess. Her back-story is similar to Ariel (from the movie) because she had a beautiful singing voice and lost her mother who had been killed by a pirate.

Who is Ursula in the Bible?

Saint Ursula (Latin for ‘little female bear’) is a legendary Romano-British Christian saint, died on 21 October 383. Her feast day in the pre-1970 General Roman Calendar is 21 October.

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What does the name Ursa mean?

Ursa is a Latin word meaning bear.

What does the name Ariel mean?

Ariel is a given name from Biblical Hebrew אריאל Ariel that literally means “lion of God”. The female form is אריאלה (transliterated as Ariela, Ariella, or the alternative English and French spelling Arielle). However, in recent years in English-speaking countries, it has been more commonly used as a female name .

What name means bear?

Strong Names That Mean Bear Armel. The name Armel is a unisex name of Welsh origin meaning “bear prince”. Art. The name Art is a boy’s name of English, Celtic origin meaning “noble one; bear man”. Arthur. The name Arthur is a boy’s name of Celtic origin meaning ” bear”. Arthurette. Arthurina. Arthurine. Recent User Lists. Artie.

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