How do you spell tolerate

What is the meaning of tolerate?

verb (used with object), tol·er·at·ed, tol·er·at·ing. to allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit. to endure without repugnance; put up with: I can tolerate laziness, but not incompetence.

Is Tolerative a word?

v.t. -at•ed, -at•ing. 1. to allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit. 2. to endure without repugnance; put up with: I cannot tolerate incompetence.

What is a sentence for tolerate?

Tolerate sentence examples . She said she couldn’t tolerate his moods. There’s one creature who can tolerate you, and that’s me. But no state could long tolerate the affronts which English seamen offered Spain.

How do you spell combatting or combating?

But the verb ” combat ” can be stressed on either syllable so the suffixed forms are spelled with or without doubling: “combated”/” combatted “; ” combating “/” combatting “.

Is tolerance a good thing?

When tolerance is placed within the moral domain relating to fairness, justice and respect and avoiding causing harm to others, it can only be viewed as a positive moral virtue. Psychological research supports the idea that tolerance is better placed within the moral domain.

What is another word for tolerate?

Some common synonyms of tolerate are abide, bear, endure , stand, and suffer.

What does Banned mean?

illegal or not allowed

What does restricting mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to confine within bounds : restrain. 2 : to place under restrictions as to use or distribution.

What is an example of tolerance?

Tolerance is being patient, understanding and accepting of anything different. An example of tolerance is Muslims, Christians and Athiests being friends. (uncountable) The ability or practice of tolerating; an acceptance or patience with the beliefs, opinions or practices of others; a lack of bigotry.

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What is a tolerant person?

To be tolerant means that you accept other people’s opinions and preferences, even when they live in a way that you don’t agree with. Tolerance also means that you don’t put your opinions above those of others, even when you are sure that you are right.

What does ingratitude mean?

: lack of proper appreciation or thanks for something (such as a kind or helpful act) : lack of gratitude. See the full definition for ingratitude in the English Language Learners Dictionary. ingratitude . noun.

How do you use the word combat?

Combat comes from the Latin com- meaning “together with” and battere meaning “to fight.” Combat can be used as a modifier; for example, a combat zone is an area where fighting is taking place. The word combat can also be used to refer to the action of fighting against something to prevent it.

How do you pronounce combat?

Pronunciation IPA: /kɔ̃.ba/ Audio. (file) Homophone: combats.

What is the meaning of firearms?

noun. a weapon, esp a portable gun or pistol , from which a projectile can be discharged by an explosion caused by igniting gunpowder, etc.

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