How do you spell swerve

What is the meaning of the word swerve?

veer, deviate, depart, digress

What is another word for Swerve?

Some common synonyms of swerve are depart, deviate, digress, diverge, and veer.

What is the opposite of swerve?

swerve . Antonyms: continue, disincline. Synonyms: deviate, diverge, stray, wander, divaricate, bend, incline, trend.

How do you use swerve in a sentence?

A member of the junior staff recently had to swerve to avoid a young child running through the car park. During the next four weeks no effort was spared to shake the determination of Huss; but he steadfastly refused to swerve from the path which conscience had once made clear.

What is swerve made of?

Swerve is a blend of three ingredients. Erythritol is the first and most prominent ingredient, and is naturally made by fermenting glucose. Prebiotic fibers called oligosaccharides are then added to our blend, and then enhanced with some natural flavor from citrus.

What does get your swerve on mean?

to do something well in one’s own way or in a unique manner, usually involving members of the opposite sex. Also pronounced “schwerve.” I’m about to get my swerve on. I see you getting your swerve on while you’re listening to that jam(song). See more words with the same meaning : to flirt, fraternize, mingle.

What does tack mean?

English Language Learners Definition of tack : to fasten or attach (something) with tacks . : to add on or attach (something) in a quick or careless way. sailing : to turn a ship or boat so that the wind is coming at it from the opposite side.

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What does swerve mean urban dictionary?

imply dodging someone

What is a word for healing?

In this page you can discover 76 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for heal , like: mend, ameliorate, revive, cure , remedy, meliorate, physic, salve, renew, make-whole and medicate.

How do you use the word allure?

Once beautiful, she spoke on her preview tape of her all-conquering sexual allure . mozzarella cheese the size of ostrich eggs suddenly lost their allure . I guess there lays the mysterious allure that makes you wonder just what could be on the grooves inside.

How Do You Use tattered in a sentence?

Tattered sentence examples Martha lugged out a tattered game of Monopoly. I don’t want you running around in tattered clothes. She was dressed in a tattered coat, hands in her lap, sitting as nervously as an immigrant awaiting deportation. Cynthia Dean kept pushing away all other thoughts from his tattered mind.

How do you use puncture in a sentence?

“You’ll need their power to puncture the gateway,” he said. Without them, the circle gets blown out or goes into slow puncture . puncture wounds in the skin which are very itchy. After the procedure, the site of the puncture is covered with a sterile bandage.

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