How do you spell startled

What does it mean to startle someone?

: to surprise or frighten ( someone ) suddenly and usually not seriously. : to move or jump suddenly because something surprises you or frightens you. See the full definition for startle in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

How do you spell startling?

adjective. Very surprising , astonishing, or remarkable.

How do you use startled in a sentence?

Startled sentence examples His voice startled her. She gave a startled laugh. He looked startled for a moment, and then composed himself. He was standing close and she was startled by a desire to be swept into his arms again. We were startled by the ring of my cell phone. At Adrienne’s startled expression, Rachel laughed.

Does startled mean scared?

Startle is defined as to scare or surprise someone or to be scared or surprised .

What is the difference between being scared and being startled?

There is actually a big difference . ” scare ” has to do with fear or fright while ” startle ” has to do with surprise. startle means “to frighten or surprize suddenly” and can be replaced with ” scared ” in most contexts.

What are synonyms for startled?

Synonyms for startled scared. shocked. spooked . stunned. surprised. alarmed. terrified. afraid.

What does reluctantly mean?

adverb. without really wanting to; unwillingly: I told her to take a break, just for one moment, and she reluctantly pulled away from her work.

What does modest mean in English?

having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one’s merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness, or great pretensions. free from ostentation or showy extravagance: a modest house.

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How do I stop being startled?

Reducing your stress as much as possible can reduce nervous system reactivity. Controlled relaxed breathing can calm down the nervous system, making it less reactive. Avoiding simulants can also allow the nervous system to fear down. Getting good sleep can calm an overly reactive nervous system.

How does someone behave when you startle them?

Startle reaction, also called Startle Pattern, an extremely rapid psychophysiological response of an organism to a sudden and unexpected stimulus such as a loud sound or a blinding flash of light. In human beings it is characterized by involuntary bending of the limbs and a spasmodic avoidance movement of the head.

What part of speech is startled?


What is the meaning of pounding?

Meaning of pounding in English a heavy attack or defeat: The city received heavy poundings from the air every night last week. More examples. Robin’s heart was pounding with excitement.

What is the opposite of startled?

Opposite of astonished, taken aback. unaffected. fearless. unafraid. unsurprised.

What does gully mean?

noun, plural gul·lies. Also gulley (for defs. 1, 2). a small valley or ravine originally worn away by running water and serving as a drainageway after prolonged heavy rains. a ditch or gutter.

What does sheepishly mean?

1 : like a sheep (as in being meek or shy) 2 : feeling or showing embarrassment especially over being discovered having done something wrong or foolish a sheepish look. Other Words from sheepish . sheepishly adverb.

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