How do you spell specialize

Is it Specialise or specialize?

“Specialize” – with a “z” – is the American English spelling . “Specialise” – with an “s” – is the British English spelling .

How do you spell Specialise?

Verb. Non-Oxford British English standard spelling of specialize.

What is specialize mean?

To specialize is to narrow down your focus, in your studies or profession, to a specific field.

Does specialize mean work?

What is job specialization ? Job specialization , sometimes referred to as the division of labor, is a process in which employees develop specific skills, experience and knowledge in a particular area in order to gain the expertise required to perform certain aspects of a job .

What is the difference between Speciality and specialty?

Specialty is the word used in American English (the OED reports it’s chiefly Northern American), while speciality is used in British English. In medicine (as for what reported by the OED) both specialty and speciality are used.

What is another word for specialize?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for specialize , like: broaden, concentrate on, major, go-in-for, practice, pursue, train, speciate, differentiate, specialise and narrow.

Is specializing a word?

Specializing definitions Present participle of specialize .

How do you use specialize in a sentence?

He specializes in discreet, highly contained domestic counter insurgency and counterterrorism operations. The restaurant specializes in fresh local seafood. Gilberts specializes in wood fired steaks and seafood.

How do you spell specialized in Canada?

The recommended spelling authority is a reliable Canadian dictionary such as the Canadian Oxford or Gage Canadian Dictionary. 3.01 Introduction.

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British American
specialise , specialisation specialize , specialization

What means sullen?

adjective. showing irritation or ill humor by a gloomy silence or reserve. persistently and silently ill-humored; morose. indicative of gloomy ill humor.

What is the meaning of inhuman?

adjective. lacking qualities of sympathy, pity, warmth, compassion, or the like; cruel; brutal: an inhuman master. not suited for human beings. not human.

What does produce mean?

To produce is to create, manufacture, or cultivate. As a noun, produce (accented first syllable) is the product of gardening: fruits and vegetables. The verb form of this word (accented last syllable) has several meanings, all related to making, creating, bringing forth, or raising.

What are the pros and cons of specialization?

There are several pros and cons of choosing to specialize . Specialization Isn’t Difficult. One way to avoid specialization is to outsource those aspects of your business that you do not wish to focus on. Less Control. Greater Focus on Your Core Business. The Threat of Overspecialization. Greater Output.

What is an example of a specialization?

If, for example , a country can produce bananas at a lower cost than oranges, it can choose to specialize and dedicate all its resources to the production of bananas, using some of them to trade for oranges. Specialization also occurs within a country’s borders, as is the case with the United States.

What is an example of job specialization?

Specialization increases the amount of goods and services that people produce and consume. Examples : Different community workers specialize in the jobs they do. People also specialize when they divide the labor on an assembly line or in an office.

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