How do you spell shiny

How do you spell Shiney or shiny?

adjective, shin·i·er, shin·i·est. bright or glossy in appearance. filled with light, as by sunshine. rubbed or worn to a glossy smoothness, as clothes.

Is Shinies a word?

Shinies definitions Plural form of shiny .

Why do they call it shiny?

History and name origin The name is derived from the Scottish game shinty and indeed shinny was a common name for one of shinty’s many regional variations in Scotland. Shinny , a primarily Canadian term, is usually called “pick-up hockey” or “pond hockey” in the United States.

Is Shiny a verb or noun?

Word family ( noun ) shine shininess ( adjective ) shiny ( verb ) shine outshine. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshin‧y /ˈʃaɪni/ ●●○ adjective smooth and bright shiny black shoes a shiny polished table Her hair was thick and shiny .

What is shiny appearance?

1 : having a smooth glossy surface shiny new shoes. 2a : bright with the rays of the sun : sunshiny. b : filled with light. 3 : rubbed or worn smooth. 4 : lustrous with natural secretions a shiny nose.

What is another word for shiny?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shiny , like: lustrous, gleaming, glistening, bright, sparkling, luminous, polished, radiant, glaring, irradiant and glossy .

How do you spell beautiful?

adjective. having beauty ; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind: a beautiful dress; a beautiful speech.

Is Shiny a Scrabble word?

SHINY is a valid scrabble word .

What does dull mean?

adjective, dull ·er, dull ·est. not sharp; blunt : a dull knife. causing boredom; tedious; uninteresting: a dull sermon. not lively or spirited; listless. not bright, intense, or clear; dim: a dull day; a dull sound. having very little depth of color; lacking in richness or intensity of color.

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How do people become shiny?

5 Habits of Shiny , Happy People + Smile. A Shiny , Happy Person connects with other people. + Hunt Joy. A Shiny , Happy Person seek out joy, for joy’s sake. + Embrace Perspective. A Shiny , Happy Person has setbacks [everyone does]. + Focus. And A Shiny , Happy Person knows where she wants to be. + Get Stuck In.

Are shiny Pokemon special?

The shiny Pokemon are not actually inherently more powerful than their less shiny counterparts. In fact, the early evidence suggests that there’s really no link between a Pokemon’s shininess and its individual values. Really, the shiny Pokemon are just cool looking and are valuable due to their rarity.

What does shiny represent?

Shiny describes something with a smooth, glossy surface. If you want to see your reflection in the glass table, you’ll have to polish it to keep it shiny . Something shiny has a shine, a brightness that comes from reflecting light.

Is Shiny a adverb?

Adverb : Shiny describes the color black(adjective), as in shiny black, light blue, matt black? So shiny is an adverb and black is an adjective. 4.

Which part of speech is faster?

fast 1

part of speech : adjective
inflections: faster , fastest
definition 1: moving or operating with speed. He’s a fast runner.She drives a fast car. synonyms: quick, rapid antonyms: slack, slow similar words: brisk, fleet, swift

How do you spell shy?

adjective, shy ·er or shi·er [shahy-er], shy ·est or shi·est [shahy-ist]. bashful; retiring. easily frightened away; timid. suspicious, distrustful, or wary (often used in combination): I am a bit shy of that sort of person.

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