How do you spell relieved

What does it mean to be relieved?

: feeling relaxed and happy because something difficult or unpleasant has been stopped, avoided, or made easier : feeling relief. See the full definition for relieved in the English Language Learners Dictionary. More from Merriam-Webster on relieved .

How do you use relieved in a sentence?

Relieved sentence examples He appeared relieved , and she felt guilty. She crept in and turned on a light, relieved when it worked. When she awoke, she was relieved but tired. He looked relieved and reached up, pulling a leaf from her hair. He was relieved to give it at last.

Is it relieve or relief?

Relieve is a verb, whereas relief is a noun and relieve means to give relief . Taking enough rest after an intense workout can provide relief from the pain in joints and thighs.

What is the synonym of relieved?

alleviate, mitigate, assuage, allay, soothe, soften, palliate, appease, ease, dull, reduce, lessen, diminish. ANTONYMS.

Is relieved a feeling?

“I feel relieved .” = “I am relieved .” To emphasize an awareness, consideration, or contemplation of the state (i.e., that act of feeling ), one might use feel as a dynamic verb. “I am feeling relieved .” = “I am aware of/thinking about being in the process of relief .”

What does relieve yourself mean?

Urinate or defecate, as in The puppy relieved itself in the middle of the floor. The use of relieve for these bodily functions dates from the mid-1800s.

What is relieved of duty?

If someone is relieved of their duties or is relieved of their post, they are told that they are no longer required to continue in their job. [formal] The officer involved was relieved of his duties because he had violated strict guidelines.

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What does relived mean?

intransitive verb. : to live again. transitive verb. : to live over again especially : to experience again in the imagination.

What does amused mean?

to hold the attention of (someone) pleasantly; entertain or divert in an enjoyable or cheerful manner: She amused the guests with witty conversation. to cause mirth, laughter, or the like, in: The comedian amused the audience with a steady stream of jokes. to cause (time, leisure, etc.) to pass agreeably.

What is the difference between relief and release?

The two words are similar and, in some contexts, are interchangeable. However, relief is usually ” relief from anxiety or suffering” while ” release ” is ” release from being bound, captured, arrested or imprisoned”.

How do you express relief in writing?

RELIEF body slumping, losing its stiff posture. shaky laughter. a slow smile. falling back into a chair. asking/demanding someone to repeat good news. asking a redundant question to assure that the moment is real. eyes that go up, looking heavenward. letting out a huge breath.

What is an example of relief?

Relief is the ease of pain, tension, strain or other discomfort. An example of relief is medication taking away a headache. An example of relief is getting a job after a long period of unemployment. Assistance or help given to those who are in need; especially financial assistance provided by the state.

What’s the opposite of relieved?

What is the opposite of relieved?

uptightstrung out

What is the opposite word of Lost?

Antonym of Lost

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Word Antonym
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What is the opposite of angry?

Opposite Word of angry : “calm, collected, content, happy, joyful, joyous”

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