How do you spell puny

What does Puney mean?

adjective, pu·ni·er, pu·ni·est. of less than normal size and strength; weak. unimportant; insignificant; petty or minor: a puny excuse. Obsolete. puisne.

How do you spell Pewny?

Puny definitions The definition of puny is something insufficient in size or strength. A small or tiny serving is an example of a puny serving.

What does it mean to feel puny?

To feel sick. I woke up feeling puny , so I just stayed in bed all day.

How do you use puny in a sentence?

Even if we are puny humans. “And how can one puny little human save humanity?” she returned. You didn’t used to be a weak, puny human.

Is puny a bad word?

of less than normal size and strength; weak. unimportant; insignificant; petty or minor: a puny excuse.

What does exulted mean?

to show or feel a lively or triumphant joy; rejoice exceedingly; be highly elated or jubilant: They exulted over their victory.

What does puny God mean?

Weak God

What is the opposite of puny?

puny . Antonyms: great, developed, fine, robust, vigorous, oversized, colossal, gigantic.

Is puny a word?

puny adj. Of inferior size, strength or significance; small, weak, ineffective.

What is a synonym for puny?

puny (a.) Synonyms : little, small, petty, diminutive, tiny, dwarf, dwarfish, pygmy, pygmean, stunted, liliputian.

What part of speech is puny?


part of speech : adjective
related words: diminutive, frugal, little, meager, petty, scanty, scrawny, thin, trifling, weak
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derivation: puniness (n.)

What does it mean to feel punky?

According to something called The Urban Dictionary, punky means feeling run down, tired, worn out, dragging My brain is also feeling run down, tired, worn out, and dragging. My mood is feeling run down, tired, worn outwell, you get the idea. I’m feeling punky .

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What does unbelievable mean?

adjective. too dubious or improbable to be believed: an unbelievable excuse. so remarkable as to strain credulity; extraordinary: the unbelievable fury of the storm; an unbelievable athlete.

What does frantically mean?

: in a frantic manner : in a nervously hurried, desperate, or panic-stricken way [Carlton] Fisk stood several feet down the line, frantically urging the ball fair with his hands.

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