How do you spell prominent

What is the mean of prominent?

adjective. standing out so as to be seen easily; conspicuous; particularly noticeable: Her eyes are her most prominent feature. standing out beyond the adjacent surface or line; projecting. leading, important, or well-known: a prominent citizen.

Does prominent mean big?

If you’re looking for an adjective that means “sticking out above the rest; famous,” consider prominent . A prominent person might be the big cheese, the head honcho, the top dog — not just any Joe Schmo.

What does Prominent mean in science?

1. Standing out, or projecting, beyond the line surface of something; jutting; protuberant; in high relief; as, a prominent figure on a vase. 2. Hence; Distinctly manifest; likely to attract attention from its size or position; conspicuous; as, a prominent feature of the face; a prominent building. 3.

How do you use prominent in a sentence?

In Plato’s thought the belief held a prominent position. There were several prominent Boston physicians among them. It is a shame that de Tocqueville’s voluntary associations aren’t more prominent around the world today—but in the future, they may be. Rudolph was a tall man with pale face and prominent nose.

What is the meaning of prominent people?

Prominent is defined as someone who is known by many people . An example of prominent is a famous or well-known writer.

What are synonyms for prominent?

Some common synonyms of prominent are conspicuous, noticeable, outstanding, remarkable, salient, and striking.

What does Prominent mean in medical terms?

prominent – Medical Definition Projecting outward or upward from a line or surface; protuberant: prominent eyebrows.

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What does protruding mean?

: to stick out or cause to stick out. protrude . verb. pro·​trude | prō-ˈtrüd protruded ; protruding .

What does predominantly mean?

for the most part

Whats is a conflict?

noun. a fight, battle, or struggle, especially a prolonged struggle; strife. controversy; quarrel: conflicts between parties. discord of action, feeling, or effect; antagonism or opposition, as of interests or principles: a conflict of ideas.

What is the best synonym for the word prominence?

Synonyms for eminence. height . bulge. elevation. headland. projection. protrusion. swelling.

What does socially prominent mean?

1 living or preferring to live in a community rather than alone. 2 denoting or relating to human society or any of its subdivisions. 3 of, relating to, or characteristic of the experience, behaviour, and interaction of persons forming groups.

What does Prominent mean on the Apple Watch?

To add extra emphasis to haptic alerts, tap Prominent . This feature adds an additional haptic tap that pre-announces some of your other haptic alerts.

What is the opposite of prominent?

Antonyms for prominent inferior, unremarkable, unnoticeable, insignificant, poor.

What does preeminent mean?

eminent above or before others; superior; surpassing: He is preeminent in his profession.

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