How do you spell oasis

How do you spell oases?

Plural oases (ō-ā′sēz)

What is Oasis plural?

noun. Save Word. oa·​sis | ō-ˈā-səs plural oases ō-​ˈā-​ˌsēz

What does an oasis symbolize?

The definition of ” oasis ” is a “fertile or green spot in the desert.” It represents a type of shelter from the storm. It is a moment of respite from the conditions of the desert. Out of something that has come to symbolize a lack of life and something devoid of vitality, the oasis emerges.

What is a sentence for Oasis?

Oasis sentence examples . It was like an oasis in the desert. A caravan road to the south goes through the oasis of Kurkur. If what she said were true, the oasis around them was on fire.

What is the difference between Oasis and oases?

An oasis is an area made fertile by a source of freshwater in an otherwise dry and arid region. Oases (more than one oasis ) are irrigated by natural springs or other underground water sources.

What is an example of a Oasis?

An example of an oasis is an underground spring in a desert. An example of an oasis is a calm and peaceful room in the midst of a chaotic house. A fertile or green area in a desert or wasteland, made so by the presence of water. A situation or place preserved from surrounding unpleasantness; a refuge.

What is another word for Oasis?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for oasis , like: desert garden, spring, refuge, haven, watering place, sanctuary, green area, irrigated land, garden spot, water-hole and desert resting place.

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How is an oasis formed?

An oasis can be formed by an underground aquifer or river that creates enough pressure for water to seep to the surface, forming the oasis. These aquifers and natural springs allow for life to exist in harsh climates like the desert and are often well known to local herders, farmers, and travelers in the region.

What is an oasis and why is it important?

An oasis is an unexpected water source located in the desert. Oases provide a place to fill up on food and water supplies. Because of this importance , many political, economic, and military forces have tried to control the flow of goods and people into and out of oases.

What is the importance of Oasis?

The location of oases has been of critical importance for trade and transportation routes in desert areas; caravans must travel via oases so that supplies of water and food can be replenished. Thus, political or military control of an oasis has in many cases meant control of trade on a particular route.

Can you drink Oasis Water?

It really depends on the oasis , and the water source. Many desert aquifers (below ground water stores) are heavily mineralised and in cases may not be fit to drink . In others the water can be very pure. If the water is not heavily mineralised and good quality then you can boil the water an drink it.

What animals live in an oasis?

Nature in every expression Hicotea Turtle. This little turtle can be seen day or night swimming in the waters of cenotes or ponds. White Heron. This bird feeds on small amphibians like frogs, insects and small fish and it lives on the coasts and wetlands of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. Bats. Fox. Coati.

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What does an oasis of serenity mean?

An oasis is a pleasant or peaceful area in the midst of a difficult place or situation. Serenity is a state of peace amid difficulty; it is being calm, at peace, untroubled. An oasis of serenity may also help us let go of our stresses and worries.

What does an oasis look like?

An oasis is a lush green area in the middle of a desert, centered around a natural spring or a well. It is almost a reverse island, in a sense, because it is a tiny area of water surrounded by a sea of sand or rock. Oases can be fairly easy to spot—at least in deserts that do not have towering sand dunes.

What does savored mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to give flavor to : season. 2a : to have experience of : taste. b : to taste or smell with pleasure : relish. c : to delight in : enjoy savoring the moment.

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