How do you spell mist

What is the meaning mist?

Mist is a very dense water vapor, almost as thick as fog. As a verb, mist means “to cover with mist ,” so you might mist your dry plants or watch your windows mist up in the rain. Mist can also refer to a general dimness or cloudiness: “She watched through the mist of her tears.”

What is the difference between mist and midst?

Midst implies being in the middle of something; mist , literally and figuratively, denotes something that obscures. (Sorry, we’re in a fog on how to shorten ” in the mists of time.”)

What does fine mist mean?

1. fine spray – precipitation in very small drops. downfall, precipitation – the falling to earth of any form of water (rain or snow or hail or sleet or mist )

Is mist an adjective?

adjective , mist ·i·er, mist ·i·est. abounding in or clouded by mist . of the nature of or consisting of mist . appearing as if seen through mist ; indistinct or blurred in form or outline. obscure; vague.

What is another word for mist?

In this page you can discover 60 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for mist , like: spray, brumous, misty, brume, haze, drizzle, fog , smog, vapor, cloud and film.

Is mist a liquid or gas?

Vapors are composed of single, gas -phase molecules whereas mist droplets are liquid -phase and contain thousands or millions of molecules. Many, but not all, vapors are colorless and therefore invisible, whereas fogs can generally be seen and reduce visibility.

Are in the midst of?

If someone or something is in the midst of a group of people or things, they are among them or surrounded by them. Many were surprised to see him exposed like this in the midst of a large crowd.

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How do you use mist in a sentence?

Mist sentence examples Dusty fell, and the mist swallowed Jonny. Water shot from the bottom of the canyon, forming hundreds of tall columns whose mist cast rainbows in the bright moonlight. The Sea Mist dated back to the 1930’s. Below the falls, a crescent rainbow gave color to the rising mist while sparkles of ice formed from the spray.

What does modest mean in English?

having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one’s merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness, or great pretensions. free from ostentation or showy extravagance: a modest house.

Can mist be seen?

Otherwise, it is known as mist . Mist makes a light beam visible from the side via refraction and scattering on the suspended water droplets. Mist usually occurs near the shores and is often associated with fog . Mist can be as high as mountain tops when extreme temperatures are low.

How mist is formed?

Mist often forms when warmer air over water suddenly encounters the cooler surface of land. Mist is tiny droplets of water hanging in the air. These droplets form when warmer water in the air is rapidly cooled, causing it to change from invisible gas to tiny visible water droplets.

What is mist for face?

Just like it sounds, a face mist is a skin care product that you spray on your face . Some have additional skin care benefits like controlling excess oil, calming stressed skin , and offering anti-aging properties. And others, like St. Ives Hydrating Face Mists , also give you mood-boosting benefits.

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What is the meaning of morning mist?

countable/uncountable a mass of small drops of water in the air close to the ground. The early morning mist was clearing to reveal a glorious day.

What does dew mean?

noun. moisture condensed from the atmosphere, especially at night, and deposited in the form of small drops upon any cool surface. something like or compared to such drops of moisture, as in purity, delicacy, or refreshing quality. moisture in small drops on a surface, as tears or perspiration.

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