How do you spell maneuver

What does maneuver mean?

bring, put, drive

How do you use the word maneuver?

Examples of maneuver in a Sentence Noun With a quick maneuver , she avoided an accident. Through a series of legal maneuvers , the defense lawyer kept her client out of jail. He led his troops in a well-planned maneuver . To prepare for war, the army is performing maneuvers off the coast.

How do you spell Manoeuvrability?

Noun (British spelling ) The quality of being manoeuvrable ; ability to be manoeuvred. Articulated buses were invented to improve the manoeuvrability of long buses capable of carrying a large number of passengers. Ability to manoeuvre; ability to carry out a manoeuvre or strategic plan. My manoeuvrability is limited.

Where does the word Manoeuvre come from?

From Middle French manœuvre (“manipulation, manoeuvre ”) and manouvrer (“to manoeuvre ”), from Old French manovre (“handwork, manual labour”), from Medieval Latin manopera, manuopera (“work done by hand, handwork”), from manu (“by hand”) + operari (“to work”).

What is the opposite of maneuver?

You can maneuver a car or a piece of machinery. If you’re wondering if the opposite of maneuver is woman-euver, wonder no further.

What does foraging mean?

noun. the acquisition of food by hunting, fishing, or the gathering of plant matter.

How do you maneuver a car?

For a more in depth look, read up on our turn in the road manoeuvre guide. Stop on the left. Find a safe place to stop—checking your mirrors to make sure it’s clear to do so. Steer to the right. Check that the road is clear of any oncoming traffic, signal right and then move slowly forward. Reverse slowly. Move off.

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What is a maneuver in driving?

Apart from being the devil of a word to spell, ‘ manoeuvre ‘ means a movement or series of moves requiring skill and care. In driving , that means moving the car carefully into a specific position or in a particular place.

What does gingerly mean?

: with extreme care concerning the result of a movement or action : very cautiously and carefully These working dogs know how to use their jaws gingerly , without exerting undue pressure in handling the livestock. —

What does melodic mean?

Something that’s tuneful or pretty to listen to is melodic . Anything sweet sounding — a bird’s trill, a poet’s voice, or the tune you sing in the shower — is melodic . A more technical meaning of the word is “containing melody ,” the definition a professional musician might use.

What does submerged mean?

to put or sink below the surface of water or any other enveloping medium. to cover or overflow with water; immerse. to cover; bury; subordinate; suppress: His aspirations were submerged by the necessity of making a living.

What does neglecting mean?

verb (tr) to fail to give due care, attention, or time toto neglect a child. to fail (to do something) through thoughtlessness or carelessnesshe neglected to tell her. to ignore or disregardshe neglected his frantic signals.

Is Manoeuvre a French word?

French translation of ‘ manoeuvre ‘

What is the meaning of surreptitiously?

1 : done, made, or acquired by stealth : clandestine. 2 : acting or doing something clandestinely : stealthy a surreptitious glance.

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