How do you spell knick knack

Why are they called knick knacks?

The word knickknack was originally a 16th century version of “dirty trick,” from knack , and its now-obsolete meaning “deception or trick.” Don’t freak out if it’s spelled knick – knack because that’s ok too.

What is a knickknack?

: a small trivial article usually intended for ornament a collection of colorful knickknacks Known in the computer industry as tchotchkes, which is Yiddish for cheap trinkets, the knickknacks distributed in the past year have included “Love Me Tender” toilet-roll dispensers, wax eyeballs, chocolate computers and Nerf-

Is Knick Knack hyphenated?

Knick – knack is the preferred spelling, although this word is sometimes written as a closed compound without a hyphen , knickknack .

How do you say knick knacks in Spanish?

knick – knack , nicknack n. chuchería nf. Exemplos: la mesa, una tabla.

What does Knick mean?

verb. English Language Learners Definition of nick (Entry 2 of 2) : to cut or damage a small part of the surface of (something) : to put a nick in (something) : to make a small cut on (someone) : to catch and arrest (someone)


Whatnot is another word for odds and ends. Whatnot also means etcetera, so it often comes at the end of a list. You can use this word to indicate additional things of any kind that you don’t feel like naming.

Is Knick Knack toys real?

Knickknack Toys is a toy and game company owned by Jarvis Raines and whose staff consists of Jarvis’ friends. It was formerly owned by Candace Wheeler, but she lost it to Jarvis due to a lawsuit.

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What is a trinket?

1 : a small ornament (such as a jewel or ring) 2 : a small article of equipment.

Where does the phrase bric a brac come from?

bʁak]) or bric-a-brac (from French), first used in the Victorian era, refers to lesser objets d’art forming collections of curios, such as elaborately decorated teacups and small vases, compositions of feathers or wax flowers under glass domes, decorated eggshells, porcelain figurines, painted miniatures or photographs

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