How do you spell juliet

How do you spell the name Juliet?

Juliette is a French personal name . It is a diminutive of Julie, and ultimately comes from the Latin nomen (or clan name ) Julius, or “son of Jove”.

What does Juliet mean?

The name Juliet means Youthful, Downy and is of English origin. Nicknames for the name Juliet include Jules, Jule, and Juju.

Can Juliet be a boys name?

The masculine and feminine forms of this name are widely used and among the most successful historically speaking. The more exotic Juliet has mainly been used in moderation but appears to be experiencing a 21st century revival.

Is Juliet an Italian name?

Origin of Juliet Juliet is an English variant of the French name Julietta and the Italian name Giulietta.

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