How do you spell independent

How do you spell independent or independant?

The main difference between Independant and Independent is that the Independant is a misspelling of independent and Independent is a Not dependent; free; not subject to control by others; not relying on others. Not dependent; not contingent or depending on something else; free. Not affiliated with any political party.

What does it mean to be an independent?

An independent voter, often also called an unaffiliated voter in the United States, is a voter who does not align themselves with a political party.

What is an independent in a sentence?

Examples of independent in a Sentence Adjective The country recently became independent . They have a good deal of independent authority. She has an independent income. Another laboratory has provided independent confirmation of the test results.

Is independance a word?

Both in British and in American English, ” independence ” is spelled with an “e”. (There’s even a federal holiday.) They are all misspellings (some more common than others), just as independance is.

What is another word for independent?

Some common synonyms of independent are autonomous, free, and sovereign.

How do you spell independent variable?

Correct spelling : independent variable .

What are the benefits of being independent?

The Benefits of an Independent Life It boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. It decreases the burden you place on family, friends, and society. It turns you into an asset to help other people. It enhances your reputation among friends and colleagues.

What are the characteristics of an independent person?

Terms in this set (10) independent. confident and free to do things without needing help from other people. self -reliant. able to do or decide things by yourself, rather than depending on other people for help. determined. knowledgeable. confident. reliable. decisive. well- informed.

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What are example of being independent?

The definition of independent is someone or something that is free from the influence or control of another. An example of independent is someone who lives on their own and supports themself. Not governed by a foreign power; self-governing.

How do you tell if a sentence is independent or dependent?

An independent clause is a group of words that contains a subject and verb and expresses a complete thought. An independent clause is a sentence . Jim studied in the Sweet Shop for his chemistry quiz. A dependent clause is a group of words that contains a subject and verb but does not express a complete thought.

How do you become independent?

6 Ways to Become More Independent , Less Codependent Get to know yourself. “You can’t be independent if you don’t know who you are,” Lancer said. Challenge your beliefs and assumptions. Observe your beliefs, and be willing to question them, Judd said. Become assertive. Start making your own decisions. Meet your needs. Learn to soothe yourself.

What does independent mean in science?

The independent variable (sometimes known as the manipulated variable) is the variable whose change isn’t affected by any other variable in the experiment. Either the scientist has to change the independent variable herself or it changes on its own; nothing else in the experiment affects or changes it.

What is the verb of Independence?

Word family (noun) dependant dependence ≠ independence dependency (adjective) dependable dependent ≠ independent ( verb ) depend (adverb) dependably independently. (noun) independence independent (adjective) independent (adverb) independently.

What is the base word of Independence?

Independence comes from a nice medieval French word , depenre, meaning “to hang from,” or “to hang down.” The in at the beginning is Latin for “not,” so the word originally meant “not hanging from,” which is a neat description of what countries achieve by throwing off their colonizers.

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Is freedom and independence the same thing?

Independent means that you can do something by yourself without depending on others, maybe the helps, while freedom has a bigger border which has no restriction or rules. For example, you can ride a bicycle independently with the freedom of going around the whole park. Do you have freedom and Independence in your work?

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