How do you spell hierarchy

What does hierarchy mean?

The definition of hierarchy is a group of people or things arranged in order of rank or the people that rank at the top of such a system. An example of hierarchy is the corporate ladder. An example of hierarchy is the various levels of priests in the Catholic church.

How do we spell hierarchy?

noun, plural hi·er·ar·chies. any system of persons or things ranked one above another. government by ecclesiastical rulers.

Is hierarchical a word?

adjective. of, belonging to, or characteristic of a hierarchy .

How do you use hierarchy in a sentence?

Hierarchy sentence examples The hierarchy of dukes and marquises and counts consisted of foreign soldiers imposed on. The government surveyed rural monasteries and schools, and reconstituted the ecclesiastical hierarchy . The ‘”waste hierarchy ” shown below places incineration second to last.

What is the purpose of hierarchy?

Hierarchy creates authority and unity The type of hierarchical structure this page describes is often called the ‘ hierarchy of authority’. An employee’s level of authority is greater the higher they are in the hierarchical structure.

What is another word for hierarchy?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hierarchy , like: ministry, regime, theocracy, chain of command, pecking-order, authority, bureaucracy, government and power-structure.

What are examples of hierarchy?

Hierarchy Examples in Everyday Life The human body itself is a hierarchy. Political systems are hierarchies. Your family tree is a hierarchy starting way, way back with your first ancestors. Human needs are often represented as a hierarchy. The military is a hierarchy. The classification of living things is developed as a hierarchy.

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What is a hierarchy structure?

A hierarchical structure refers to a company’s chain of command, typically from senior management and executives to general employees. In other words, this structure applies to organizations with a sole leader and a flow of subordinates underneath them.

Are hierarchies good?

A hierarchy serves a great purpose in helping every employee in an organization see where they fit in the big picture of things. A hierarchical org chart is very easy to read and makes sense. Hierarchies can be useful because as much as we don’t like to admit it, most people perform better with some sense of structure.

What is the opposite of hierarchy?

Antonyms: nonhierarchic, nonhierarchical. not classified hierarchically. ungraded, unordered, unranked.

What is the opposite of hierarchical structure?

A flat organization (also known as horizontal organization ) has an organizational structure with few or no levels of middle management between staff and executives. Transforming a highly hierarchical organization into a flat organization is known as delayering.

What is the meaning of hierarchical in English?

arranged according to people’s or things’ level of importance, or relating to such a system: The military has a hierarchical rank structure. It’s a very hierarchical organization in which everyone’s status is clearly defined . See. hierarchy .

What is another word for social hierarchy?

What is another word for social hierarchy?

pecking order dominance
due order food chain
power structure social ladder
social order social pyramid
social stratification social structure

What does the word social hierarchy mean?

A fundamental aspect of social organization that is established by fighting or display behavior and results in a ranking of the animals in a group. The simplest dominance hierarchies are linear and are known as pecking orders. In such a hierarchy the top individual (alpha) dominates all others.

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What maturity means?

The definition of maturity is adulthood, or is the state of being fully developed, or the time when a note is due and payable. The point at which you are fully grown is an example of when you achieve maturity . Showing common sense and making adult decisions is an example of maturity .

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