How do you spell forte

Is it forte or Forté?

The word forte (pronounced “fort”) is a French word meaning “strength” that is used in English to refer to one’s talent or ability. Example: English is my forte. This word is often mispronounced “FOR-tay” because it is confused with the Italian word forte (pronounced “FOR-tay”).

Does Forte have an accent?

Sometimes folk etymologists insist that forte should be spelled forté , and indeed a Google search returns 525,000 pages – almost all in English. There is no French word forté , however, and the Italian forte does not take an accent .

What does it mean when someone says it’s not my forte?

Forte comes from the Old French fort (and Latin fortis), which means strong. Therefore when we say something is not my forte , we mean it is not my strength, not my strong point. So this is the same root as fort, as in stronghold, strong place.

What is your forte in writing?

In English, forte is two different words. When it comes from the French adjective meaning strong, it is a noun referring to something in which one excels. For example, an accountant’s forte might be math, and a novelist’s forte might be inventing characters. Both words are usually pronounced FOR-tay in English.

Is it pronounced Neesh or Nitch?

There is a debate about how you are supposed to pronounce niche . There are two common pronunciation variants, both of which are currently considered correct: NEESH (rhymes with sheesh) and NICH (rhymes with pitch). NICH is the more common one and the older of the two pronunciations.

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What does Forte mean in English?

person’s strong suit

Is cache pronounced cash or Cashay?

A cache is a group of things that are hidden, and is pronounced like ” cash .” Cachet can mean “prestige,” “medicine to be swallowed,” or “an official seal,” and is pronounced ” cash -ay.”

What does pianissimo mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) : very softly —used as a direction in music. pianissimo . ˌpē-ə-ˈni-sə-(ˌ)mē

Does piano mean soft?

The main dynamic levels are: p or piano , which means “ soft ” f or forte, which means “loud”

What is the meaning of befriended?

verb (used with object) to make friends or become friendly with; act as a friend to; help; aid: to befriend the poor and the weak.

What does the word forte mean in music?

: loud —used as a direction in music violins played the passage forte .

What does Forte mean in music?


What does excels mean?

verb (used without object), ex·celled, ex·cel·ling. to surpass others or be superior in some respect or area; do extremely well: to excel in math.

How do you use the word forte?

He belongs distinctly to the romantic school; his forte is vivid and picturesque description, the lively presentation of scenes and actions, characters and states of society, not the subtle analysis of motives, the power of detecting the undercurrents or the generalizing faculty.

What does Legato mean?

smooth and connected

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