How do you spell faculty

How do you use the word faculty?

Examples of faculty in a Sentence She’s a member of the Harvard faculty . The school hired more faculty . a meeting with students and faculty She has a faculty for making friends. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

How do you use faculties in a sentence?

Faculties sentence examples Why do some people keep their mental faculties so late in life? It now possesses four faculties and is attended by some 1700 students.

What does faculty mean in philosophy?

1 one of the inherent powers of the mind or body, such as reason, memory, sight, or hearing. 2 any ability or power, whether acquired or inherent. 3 a conferred power or right.

What does faculty mean in college?

A faculty is a division within a university or college comprising one subject area or a group of related subject areas, possibly also delimited by level (e.g. undergraduate).

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