How do you spell equal

How do you spell equal rights?

Equal – rights definitions The concept that every person is to be treated equally by the law.

What does it mean to be equal to someone?

When it comes to people, being equal means everyone has the same rights and opportunities — and responsibilities. When two or more things are level or balanced, they are said to be equal . This balance can refer to volume, weight, or quantity, or any other trait being compared.

How do you use equal in a sentence?

Equal sentence examples She is quite equal to Marya Antonovna. His kiss was ardent and she returned it with equal passion. “My pleasure,” she responded with equal sincerity. Only this was equal to a hundred thunderstorms. “You’ve said quite enough for one evening,” she answered with equal composure. She nodded with equal sincerity.

What is equality in one word?

noun, plural e·qual·i·ties. the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability: promoting equality of opportunity in the workplace. a statement that two quantities are equal; equation.

What does equality of rights mean?

Equality of rights means that all individuals have rights – no matter whether they are male or female, children or adults, physically or mentally handicapped, and irrespective of their origin, their religion, their colour or their sexual orientation. We say that law safeguards the dignity of each individual.

What is the opposite of equal rights?


Does same mean equal?

They are equal in value, but not the same . Treating students the same means giving them identical amounts of instruction, identical lessons, identical learning materials, an identical education.

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What does an equal relationship look like?

In an equal relationship , both partners feel equally involved and loved. Whether it’s splitting the chores or taking a collective decision, both partners play their role well, such that none of them feels burdened. Fortunately, things are looking up for us, on this front.

How do you know if you have met the one?

According to eHarmony’s Chief of Advice, Jeannie Assimos: “ When you ‘ ve found The One , the relationship just flows. Things are fairly easy. You understand each other’s viewpoints and perceptions, and either accept them or feel the same way.” There’s a feeling of experiencing more in your life.

What is an example of equal?

An example of equal is one cup being the same as eight ounces. An example of equal is women getting the same pay as men for the same work. (mathematics, not comparable) Exactly identical, having the same value.

What are some examples of equal rights?

They’re guarantees of equal social opportunities and protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, or other characteristics. Examples are the rights to vote, to a fair trial, to government services, and to a public education.

What is an equal sign called?

The equals sign or equality sign , =, is a mathematical symbol used to indicate equality in some well-defined sense. It was invented in 1557 by Robert Recorde.

What are the three types of equality?

Types of Equality Natural Equality : Social Equality: Civil Equality : Political Equality: Economic Equality: Legal Equality : Equality of Opportunity and Education :

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What is the root word of equality?

The Latin root word equ means “ equal .” This Latin root is the word origin of a good number of English vocabulary words , including adequate, equator, and equality .

What are the features of equality?

Thus Equality stands for 3 Basic Features : (a) Absence of special privileges in society. (b) Presence of adequate and equal opportunities for development for all. (c) Equal satisfaction of basic needs of all.

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