How do you spell duck

What are the two meanings of duck?

A duck is a bird that spends much of its life on or near water. When the word duck is a verb, it means “to bow or dip suddenly,” like when your kite plunges suddenly and you duck to avoid getting hit in the head.

What does the word duck mean?

duck verb [I/T] (MOVE) to move your head or the top part of your body quickly down, esp. to avoid being hit: To duck is also to move quickly to a place, esp. in order not to be seen: [ I ] When he saw them coming, he ducked into a store.

How do you use duck in a sentence?

Duck sentence examples I just need a place to duck out of the rain for a bit. Game birds consist of teal and wild duck , snipe, jungle fowl and peacock.

What noun is a duck?

Noun . duck (countable and uncountable, plural ducks ) An aquatic bird of the family Anatidae, having a flat bill and webbed feet. Specifically, an adult female duck ; contrasted with drake and with duckling. (uncountable) The flesh of a duck used as food.

Is duck a bad word?

It is an insult for the most part but is used in jokes. These jokes can be modified to imply the ” duck ” terminology.

Why do we say duck?

It said : ” Why do we call people ‘ Duck ‘? ” We ‘re not actually calling you a Mallard, in fact it’s believed that ‘ duck ‘ comes from the Saxon word ‘ducas’ which was meant as a term of respect and leadership. So when we say ‘Ay up duck ‘ we ‘re just being respectful.”

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Is duck feminine or masculine?

The term drake refers exclusively to males while the term duck can refer to either gender, and the term hen refers exclusively to females. Immature birds of either gender are called ducklings, not drakes or hens.

What does duck out mean?

Leave hurriedly or secretly; evade responsibility. For example, If I can I’ll duck out of the office early, or He simply ducked out on his entire family. This slangy expression originated in the late 1800s simply as duck , out being added about 1930.

What does Duck mean in England?

‘ Duck ‘ is generally used by people talking to those younger than or the same age as themselves. In some ways it functions like the word ‘dear’. Feifei. But it’s not a phrase that all native English speakers use.

What is a female duck called?


What is plural for duck?

duck . Plural . ducks . Ducks . The plural form of duck ; more than one (kind of) duck .

What do ducks eat naturally?

Depending on the duck, they consume an impressive variety of foods: earthworms, snails, slugs, mollusks, small fish, fish eggs, small crustaceans, grass, herbaceous plants, leaves, aquatic plants (green parts and the roots), algae, amphibians (tadpoles, frogs, salamanders, etc.), insects, seeds, grains, berries and

What is another name for a duck?

What is another word for ducks?

chuck dear
dearie ducky
love lovey

Is duck a common noun?

Answer. Duck is a common noun as we don’t know about the particular duck . If it would be this duck , that duck or ram’s duck , then it might be the proper noun .

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Is a duck a mammal?

Ducks are neither mammals nor amphibians. They are birds. Ducks are classified into the taxonomic

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