How do you spell desperate

What does desperate mean?

adjective. reckless or dangerous because of despair, hopelessness, or urgency: a desperate killer. having an urgent need, desire, etc.: desperate for attention; desperate to find a job. leaving little or no hope; very serious or dangerous: a desperate illness.

How do we spell desperate?

Desperate , desparate, or despirate? The word desperate is misspelled often enough that it’s the despair of English teachers. Both desperate and despair come from the same Latin verb as despair.

What is a desperate person called?

hopeless (related) The definition of hopeless is a desperate or very sad person or thing, or something that is impossible to solve. 1. 1.

What is a sentence for desperation?

Desperation sentence examples . The desperation in her voice drew his attention . In desperation, I turned on the tape recorder which had run to its end. He heard the edge of desperation in her voice.

Is desperate an emotion?

Desperation & Distress Distress and desperation are both emotions that someone can have who is seriously in trouble. The key difference between the emotions is that desperation is about not reaching a crucial goal, and thus future-directed, while distress is about something bad that is happening to you right now.

What does desperate mean in a relationship?

Being desperate for love often means making it a priority, even over self care and time with friends. This can be dangerous because it often means you are filling a void with dating and relationships .

What is desperate decision?

But it’s precisely when you’re fed up with your present situation and are willing to try something different just for the sake of it that you’re most likely to be rewarded with a mediocre result. Acting from a position of desperation is not the same as trying to achieve a rational, well-thought-out compromise.

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What does wrenching mean?

a wrenching movement; a sudden, violent twist: With a quick wrench , she freed herself. a painful, straining twist, as of the ankle or wrist. a sharp, distressing strain, as to the feelings. a twisting or distortion, as of meaning .

How do you spell special?

Correct spelling for the English word ” special ” is [spˈɛʃə͡l], [spˈɛʃə‍l], [s_p_ˈɛ_ʃ_əl] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What word can replace desperate?

Some common synonyms of desperate are despairing, despondent, and hopeless.

What is opposite of desperate?

desperate . Antonyms: cool, calm, cautious, timid, shy, irresolute, remediable, hopeful, promising, propitious.

What are synonyms for desperate?

Synonyms for bold. dangerous. daring. determined. frantic. frenzied. furious. violent.

Is being desperate bad?

Most desperation isn’t like that, though. Sure, it can drive good people to do bad things — ex, stealing food because you just don’t have the money to buy it — but being desperate doesn’t automatically make someone bad . We just really love it when people are cool and effortless.

How do you describe desperation?

Desperation is defined as a loss of hope, or a great need that can make you act irrationally. When you are absolutely starving and you steal a loaf of bread because you are feeling so hungry, this is an example of acting out of desperation . The condition of being desperate . Recklessness arising from despair.

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