How do you spell crawl

What is the mean of crawling?

crawl verb (MOVE) to move slowly or with difficulty, especially with your body stretched out along the ground or on hands and knees: The child crawled across the floor.

How do you use the word crawl in a sentence?

Crawl sentence examples They do not sting, but crawl away from danger. Carmen felt the warmth crawl up her neck. As much as he ached to crawl into the bed beside her, he pulled a blanket from a trunk and went to the couch. Her stomach felt as if it were trying to crawl out her mouth. In a panic I began to crawl toward the front door.

What is another word for crawl?

In this page you can discover 50 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for crawl , like: go at a snail’s pace, creep, grovel, worm along, inch along, drag, plod, hang-back, poke, lag and fawn.

What does Crawling in my skin mean?

if your skin crawls , you suddenly feel uncomfortable because you are frightened or shocked or because you dislike someone very much. His smile made her skin crawl . Synonyms and related words. +

Which animal can crawl name?

Answer. snakes,snails,spiders,iguanas,bettles,alligato,Worms,turtles,ladybug,lizards.

What is this word crawl?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1a : to move on one’s hands and knees The baby crawled toward her mother. b : to move slowly in a prone position without or as if without the use of limbs The snake crawled into its hole.

How do you spell cruel?

adjective, cru·el·er, cru·el·est. causing or marked by great pain or distress: a cruel remark; a cruel affliction. rigid; stern; strict; unrelentingly severe.

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What does the word of mean?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 —used as a function word to indicate a point of reckoningnorth of the lake. 2a —used as a function word to indicate origin or derivationa man of noble birth. b —used as a function word to indicate the cause, motive, or reasondied of flu.

Whats is lose?

Lose is a verb that means “to fail to win, to misplace, or to free oneself from something or someone.” Loose is an adjective that means “not tight.” Only one O distinguishes loose from lose .

What is the opposite of crawl?

Antonyms of CRAWL sail, breeze, scud, bowl, trot, outstrip, accelerate, float, rip, dash, rush, glide, want, dart, need, course, scramble, hustle, lack, whiz, whirl, hotfoot, race, outrun, speed, hump, overtake, stampede, quicken, jog, barrel, whisk, catch up, outpace, hurry, run, zip, tear.

What is another name for slow?

SYNONYMS FOR slow 1, 2 unhurried. 5 sluggardly, dilatory, indolent, lazy, slothful. 6 dense.

What does the word writhe mean?

verb (used with object), writhed , writh·ing. to twist or bend out of shape or position; distort; contort. to twist (oneself, the body, etc.) about, as in pain.

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