How do you spell auger

What does auger mean?

: any of various tools or devices with a helical shaft or part that are used for boring holes (as in wood, soil, or ice) or moving loose material (such as snow)

How do you spell augur?

augur noun. one of a group of ancient Roman officials charged with observing and interpreting omens for guidance in public affairs. soothsayer; prophet. verb (used with object) to divine or predict, as from omens; prognosticate. verb (used without object) to conjecture from signs or omens; predict.

How do you use auger in a sentence?

Auger sentence examples The employment of a simple auger instead of a spudding-bit. It contains a very powerful auger to crush snow and if you don’t wait until the power is shut off to put your hand in the machine, you run the risk of severe injury.

Does not augur well meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English augur well /badly/ill formal to be a sign that something will be successful or unsuccessful SYN bode Today’s announcement of 300 redundancies does not augur well for the local economy.

What is the purpose of an auger?

An auger is a drilling device, or drill bit, used for making holes in wood or in the ground. It usually includes a rotating helical screw blade called a ‘flighting’ to act as a screw conveyor to remove the drilled out material . The rotation of the blade causes the material to move out of the hole being drilled.

What is a drain auger used for?

A drain auger , also known as a plumbing snake or drain snake , is an auger specially designed for removing clogs and obstructions from a drain . Drain augers are a long tool with an appearance similar to a snake that can be fed down a drain or toilet to remove a blockage.

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How do you use the word augur?

The process, itself, was cumbersome and did not augur success. The quality of the athletes, always impressive, seemed to take a quantum leap forward, a happy augur for the future of the sport in this Eastern European nation. An augur in Latin was someone who could see into the future.

Is augur a good investment?

REP remains a decent investment if you believe in the potential of Augur , but there are better altcoins with more active community out there.

Is auger a Scrabble word?

AUGER is a valid scrabble word .

What is a synonym for Auger?

Synonyms for auger borer. gimlet. grill. tool.

Is augering a word?

Augering definitions. Present participle of auger .

Is auger a noun or verb?

Nowadays, the foretell sense of the verb is often used with an adverb, such as well. Augur comes from Latin and is related to the Latin verb augēre, meaning “to increase.”

What is augury in the Bible?

Augury , prophetic divining of the future by observation of natural phenomena—particularly the behaviour of birds and animals and the examination of their entrails and other parts, but also by scrutiny of man-made objects and situations.

What Bode means?

1 : to indicate (something, such as a future event) by signs : presage bode disaster recent data that bodes well for her reelection. 2 archaic : to announce beforehand : foretell.

What did augurs do?

An augur was a priest and official in the classical Roman world. His main role was the practice of augury: Interpreting the will of the gods by studying the flight of birds – whether they were flying in groups or alone, what noises they made as they flew, direction of flight, and what kind of birds they were.

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