How do you say spell in spanish

How do you say to file in Spanish?

Reverse translation for file lima – lime (fruit), file . archivo – file , archive, archives. fila – line, file , rank, row. clasificar – to classify, to sort out, to qualify (in competitions), to rate, to rank. desfilar – to parade, to march.

How do you ask how do you spell something in Spanish?

That is deletrear. To talk about spelling (as we use it) in Spanish you need to use escribir. ¿Cómo se escribe?

How do you say spelling in Spanish?

Reverse translation for to spell escribir – to write, to spell . deletrear (verbalmente) – to spell . significar – to mean, to signify, to express, to make known. relevar – to relieve, to take over from.

What is the word spell in Spanish?

spell → deletrear , atractivo, encanto, atracción, aliciente.

How do you say download in Spanish?

download noun descarga (de archivos, etc.)

What is the Spanish word for online?

Some people say en línea while others just say online In the same way some people say enlace and others simply say el link. rpem has a good answer. You could also use the verb entrar; I have friends that regularly use it.

How do you ask somebody their name in Spanish?

the equivalent for ” name” in spanish is “nombre”. so, in a literal way we can ask other ‘s name by just asking ” ¿Qué es tu nombre? = what is your name ?”. but there is a common expression in spanish language that is used in such situation, that is, using the “llamarse”= To be called”.

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How do you spell finish?

Correct spelling for the English word ” finish ” is [fˈɪnɪʃ], [fˈɪnɪʃ], [f_ˈɪ_n_ɪ_ʃ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

How you say A in Spanish?

AH (a), BAY (b), SAY [THAY, in Spain] (c), DAY (d), EY (e), EH-fay (f), HAY (g), AH-chay (h), EE ( i ), HOH-tah (j), KAH (k), EH-lay (l), EH-may (m), EH-nay (n), EH-nyay (ñ), OH (o), PAY (p), COO (q), EH-rray (r), EH- say (s), TAY (t), OOH ( u ), OOH-bay (v), DOH-blay OOH-bay (w), EH-kees (x), YAY (y), SAY -tah [THAY-tah, in

How do you spell Como?

One is a conjugation of the infinitive form of the verb “comer,” which is ” como ” and means “I eat.” The other is an adverb known simply as ” cómo ” which has various different meanings, but most simply is translated as “how” or “like” or “as.”

How do you am in Spanish?

How do you say “I am” in Spanish ? – “Soy” or “estoy.” ¿Cómo se dice en español “I am “? – “Soy” o “estoy”.

How many ways are there to say you in Spanish?

two ways

How do you spell application in Spanish?

Spanish Translation of APPLICATION use : aplicación feminine, empleo masculine, uso masculine. diligence : aplicación feminine, diligencia feminine, dedicación feminine. request : solicitud feminine, petición feminine, demanda feminine.

How do you spell numbers in Spanish?

SPANISH NUMBERS 1-100 1 – uno. 2 – dos. 3 – tres. 4 – cuatro. 5 – cinco. 6 – seis. 7 – siete. 8 – ocho.

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