How to write an explicit equation

What is explicit function?

An explicit function is a function that is expressed clearly. We usually write explicit functions as one variable in terms of another variable. A simple example of an explicit function is a linear function, such as y = 4x – 7. This function is written as the dependent variable y in terms of the independent variable x.

What is a common ratio?

more The amount we multiply by each time in a geometric sequence. Example: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, Each number is 2 times the number before it, so the Common Ratio is 2.

How do you create a rule for each sequence?

To work out the term to term rule, give the starting number of the sequence and then describe the pattern of the numbers. The first number is 3. The term to term rule is ‘add 4’. Once the first term and term to term rule are known, all the terms in the sequence can be found.

What is the rule for an arithmetic sequence?

The Rule for an Arithmetic Sequence: an = a1 + (n – 1)d. an is the nth term of the sequence. a1 is the first term of the sequence. n is the number of terms in the sequence. d is the common difference.

What is the recursive rule?

A recursive formula is a formula that defines each term of a sequence using preceding term(s). Recursive formulas must always state the initial term, or terms, of the sequence.

How do you do recursion?

Basic steps of recursive programsInitialize the algorithm. Check to see whether the current value(s) being processed match the base case. Redefine the answer in terms of a smaller or simpler sub-problem or sub-problems.Run the algorithm on the sub-problem.Combine the results in the formulation of the answer.

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What is the geometric recursive formula?

Recursive formula for a geometric sequence is an=an−1×r , where r is the common ratio.

What are the 4 types of sequences?

Types of Sequence and SeriesArithmetic Sequences.Geometric Sequences.Harmonic Sequences.Fibonacci Numbers.

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