Broad crest weir equation

What is the Weir equation?

The Weir formula is a formula used in indirect calorimetry, relating metabolic rate to oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. According to original source, it says: Metabolic rate (kcal per day) = 1440 (3.94 VO2 + 1.11 VCO2)

What is weir crest?

The weir crest is the upstream element of a pair of boundary elements simulating a weir. The corresponding downstream element is the weir slope.

Why is it necessary to calibrate a broad crested weir?

Calibration of each weir based on field measurements was necessary to compensate for required compromises in weir design. Accurate measurement of stream flow is an important component of environmental water quality monitoring. Flow rates in small streams can be conveniently monitored using weirs.

How is weir height calculated?

There should be air (not trapped) underneath the water leaving the weir. The Length is the bottom width of the weir. The height is measured from the bottom of the weir opening to the top of the water level ponded behind the weir (not the water level right as it leaves the weir).

What is the purpose of Weir?

Commonly, weirs are used to prevent flooding, measure water discharge, and help render rivers more navigable by boat.

What are the different types of weirs?

Weirs are classified according to:Types of Weirs based on Shape of the Opening. Rectangular weir. Triangular weir. Trapezoidal weir.Types of Weirs based on Shape of the Crest. Sharp-crested weir. Broad- crested weir. Narrow-crested weir. Ogee-shaped weir.Types of weirs based on Effect of the sides on the emerging nappe.

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Why are weirs so dangerous?

Why are weirs dangerous? After heavy rain, an overflowing weir can become a drowning machine due to the volume of water flowing over the person underwater, making self-rescue, and even assisted rescue, almost impossible.

Is Weir a Scrabble word?

WEIR is a valid scrabble word.

Where does the name Weir originate from?

Weir Clan History: The surname originates from Vere, after several place names to be found in Normandy and which derive from the coastal fishing stations set up by long ago Norse invaders. Ralph de Ver, who was with William the Lion at Alnwick in 1174, is the first of the surname to be recorded in Scotland.

What is the effect of drowning the Weir?

As well, as water passes over the top of the weir, the motion can alter the dissolved oxygen levels. If the water is over or under-oxygenated (called hypoxia or anoxia), this can harm the local ecosystem. Weirs are particularly dangerous to humans – and are thus commonly called “drowning machines”.

What is a broad crested weir used for?

Broad crested weirs are robust structures that are generally constructed from reinforced concrete and which usually span the full width of the channel. They are used to measure the discharge of rivers, and are much more suited for this purpose than the relatively flimsy sharp crested weirs.

What is Francis formula?

[′fran·səs ‚fȯr·myə·lə] (fluid mechanics) An equation for the calculation of water flow rate over a rectangular weir in terms of length and head.

How does a weir measure flow?

Weirs to Measure Flow It works by raising the water level upstream of the weir, and then forcing the water to spill over. The more water is flowing over the weir, the deeper the water will be upstream of the weir. So measuring flow rate (CFS) can be done by simply measuring the depth of the water upstream.

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