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“Step into the library at Sacred Heart and you’ll know at once that it is indeed the heart of the school – and a sacred space!  Sacred but not sequestered.  It’s a spacious hub, well-designed, and well-stocked, with the most appealing gallery.  This hub is spoked with projects – paired reading (with older children and parent volunteers), the sharing of story and idea (via Skype) with a school in Boston in the USA, work on the school newsletter and website, small special classes, the learning of a librarian’s skills, and much more besides.  Hurrah for Mrs Furse and the students who assist her!  Long live the wordhoard!”


Kevin Crossley-Holland, President of the School Library Association




The Learning Resource Centre sits at the heart of the school community as a hub of creativity and intellectual curiosity.

The library fosters a community of learning and literacy that leads to high academic achievement, independent reading and learning, and a culture of collaboration throughout the school.

The SHHS LRC Vision:

  • A centre of expertise which aims for excellence in the provision of services in support of students’ needs, that is accessible to all students and members of staff.
  • A safe, secure and positive environment that values each pupil’s individual development and progression and provides carefully considered learning spaces which are reflective of students’ needs.
  • An inclusive learning centre that offers effective support of students’ different learning styles and abilities in order to ensure that all students achieve their full potential.
  • An evolving bank of resources that support teaching and learning in all areas of the curriculum, which can be easily accessed from home and other areas of the school by students, staff and parents.  
  • A diverse collection of fiction texts that will capture the imagination of our students and encourage them to appreciate other cultures, experiences and perspectives.
  • A broad selection of non-fiction resources that will encourage students to investigate the world around them, ask questions, explore ideas and develop their knowledge and understanding.
  • A learning environment that develops students’ independent information literacy, including independent skills for learning, and works to ensure that all students are confident and effective users of ideas and information.
  • A state of the art service that will satisfy the 21st century learning and literary needs of students, by recognising how they engage with information and data and offering suitable resources and facilities.
  • A stimulating learning centre that promotes a culture of creativity and literary enjoyment throughout the school.









LRC Student Guidelines

Opening Times 


Before school

After school


8.00 - 8.30

3.15 - 4.00



3.15 - 4.00


8.00 - 8.30

3.15 - 4.00



3.15 - 4.00


8.00 - 8.30




  • Pupils may use the LRC before and after school, as well as during break and lunch time.

  •  The LRC is an area for quiet study and research. All students must be doing work or reading. 

  • All students must follow the traffic light noise system:

    • Red = silent study/reading
    • Amber = Quiet study, only whispering allowed
    • Green = Group work/study groups, quiet talking allowed
  • Friday lunch times are for silent study and reading. Everyone in the library must be silent, in all areas.  

  • The LRC is not a corridor – classes cannot pass through to get to their next lesson. The LRC cannot be used to access the IT suites or office. Students must always enter the LRC through the door outside ICT 1 and exit through the door outside ICT 2. 

  • Eating or drinking in the LRC is not permitted. 

  • Resources must not be removed from the LRC unless they have been issued by Mrs Furse or a student librarian.

  • Lending rules:

    • Yr7 & Yr8 – 4 books for 2 weeks
    • Yr9-Yr11 – 5 books for 3 weeks
    • Students may renew their books twice if they have not finished them.
    • Books with red stickers on the spine are Senior Fiction books which are for Yr9-Yr11 only.
    • Your English set texts must be issued onto your library card, but do not count towards your book allowance. At KS3 you are only allowed one set text on your card at a time.
  • All LRC resources must be treated with respect and returned in good condition. Replacement costs will be required for lost or damaged resources.
  • Always bring your book back to the counter to have it taken off your card. Do not put it back on the shelf or leave it on the desk – if it goes missing you will have to pay for it to be replaced.
  • Lost LRC cards will be replaced for a charge of £1.