Specific weight equation

How do you calculate specific weight?

Multiply the density by the acceleration of gravity (9.81) to calculate the specific weight. In our example, the specific weight is 840 x 9.81 = 8,240.4. Measure or obtain elsewhere the volume of the substance.

What is the symbol of specific weight?

The terms specific gravity, and less often specific weight, are also used for relative density. A common symbol for specific weight is γ, the Greek letter Gamma.

What is the SI unit of specific weight?

It has the SI unit kg m3 or kg/m3 and is an absolute quantity. Specific gravity is the ratio of a material’s density with that of water at 4 °C (where it is most dense and is taken to have the value 999.974 kg m3).

What is Mercury’s specific weight?

The specific weight of water at ordinary temperature and pressure is 9.81 kN/m3. The specific gravity of mercury is 13.56.

What is the specific weight of steel?

specific weight metal and alloy

metal or alloy weight (kg/dm3)
ordinary steel 7.8 – 7.9
stainless steel 7.48 – 8
rolled steel 7.85
aluminium foil 2.7 – 2.75

What is the unit of weight?


What is bulk unit weight?

Bulk unit weight is a measure of the amount of solid particles plus water per unit volume. 5. Saturated unit weight is equal to the bulk density when the total voids is filled up with water.

What is the symbol for specific gravity?


What is specific gravity of oil?

Specific gravity is an index used to measure the density of a liquid. Liquids with a density lower than water, which includes most crude oil grades and petroleum products, will have a specific gravity between 0.0 and 1.0. In the oil industry, specific gravity is a common quality specification for finished products.

What is submerged unit weight?

The weight of the solids in air minus the weight of water displaced by the solids per unit of volume of soil mass; the saturated unit weight minus the unit weight of water. See Also: unit weight.

What is steady flow?

fluid mechanics In steady flow, the fluid is in motion but the streamlines are fixed. Where the streamlines crowd together, the fluid velocity is relatively high; where they open out, the fluid becomes relatively stagnant.

What is the specific weight of oil?

Specific Weight for Some common Materials

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Product Specific Weight – γ –
Imperial Units (lb/ft3) SI Units (kN/m3)
Mercury 847 133.7
SAE 20 Motor Oil 57 8.95
Seawater 63.9 10.03

What is the difference between density and specific weight?

Answer: Density is defined as mass per unit volume. Specific gravity is the density of a material at a certain temperature divided by the density of water at a certain temperature; the reference temperature is usually 20 degrees Celsius. Pycnometers measure volume.

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