Langmuir equation

How do you calculate Langmuir?

How can I plot the Langmuir adsorption isotherm? ce/qe = 1/qm KL + ce/qm , where ce is the equilibrium concentration of the adsorbate and qe is the adsorption capacity adsorbed at equilibrium, qm is maximum adsorption capacity and KL is the Langmuir adsorption constant.

What is Langmuir constant?

The Langmuir constant (K) indicates the extent of interaction between adsorbate and the surface. If the value of K is relatively larger it indicates that there is a strong interaction between adsorbate and adsorbent while smaller value implies a weak interaction.

What are the three assumptions of the Langmuir isotherm?

Basic assumptions of the model The adsorbing gas adsorbs into an immobile state. All sites are energetically equivalent and the energy of adsorption is equal for all sites. Each site can hold at most one molecule of A (mono-layer coverage only). No (or ideal) Interactions between adsorbate molecules on adjacent sites.

What is Langmuir theory of adsorption give its postulates?

Langmuir proposed his theory by making following assumptions. 1. Fixed number of vacant or adsorption sites are available on the surface of solid. 2. Dynamic equilibrium exists between adsorbed gaseous molecules and the free gaseous molecules.

What is the difference between Langmuir and Freundlich?

There is a fundamental difference between both models. Langmuir’s model was a theoretical construct, while the Freundlich isotherm is empirical. In the Langmuir model, it is assumed that at maximum coverage, there is only a monomolecular layer on the surface. The Freundlich isotherm does not have this restriction.

Which is Freundlich adsorption isotherm equation?

Freundlich isotherm explains the behaviour of adsorption accurately. In the equation – x/m = k.P1/n (n > 1), ‘k’ and ‘n’ are constants that depend on the nature of the adsorbent and the gas at a particular temperature.

What is n in Freundlich isotherm?

cs = concentration in solid phase. c = concentration in fluid phase. Kf = Freundlich adsorption constant. n = Freundlich exponent.

What is the isotherm?

What is an isotherm? Isotherms are lines of constant or equal temperature. They are often used on weather maps by meteorologists to give a large scale view of temperatures across the U.S. If you have ever looked at a weather map in a newspaper, the isotherms are used to divide the color-filled temperatures.

What is the adsorption isotherm?

The Freundlich equation or Freundlich adsorption isotherm, an adsorption isotherm, is an empirical relation between the concentration of a solute on the surface of an adsorbent to the concentration of the solute in the liquid with which it is in contact.

What is isotherm curve?

Isotherm, line drawn on a map or chart joining points with the same temperature. Isotherms are commonly used in meteorology to show the distribution of temperature at the Earth’s surface or on a chart indicating constant level or constant pressure.

What is the physical significance of Langmuir adsorption isotherm?

The Langumuir adsorption isotherm describes the fraction of the surface that is covered by adsorbate molecules for a particular temperature and pressure of adsorbate. This constant is analogous to the K values used to describe the equilibrium of components distributing between gas/liquid phases.

What is isotherm in chemistry?

CHEMISTRY GLOSSARY Isotherm is a line connecting points of equal temperature on a graphic representation of a physical system.

What are the types of adsorption?

Depending upon the nature of the forces involved, two main types of adsorption process may be distinguished, Page 2 1) Physical adsorption or the Physisorption 2) Chemical adsorption or Chemisorption The third type of adsorption, which is referred to, as activated adsorption is also known.

Where is adsorption used?

Adsorption is present in many natural, physical, biological and chemical systems and is widely used in industrial applications such as heterogeneous catalysts, activated charcoal, capturing and using waste heat to provide cold water for air conditioning and other process requirements (adsorption chillers), synthetic

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