Constitutive equation

What is a mechanical constitutive equation?

(Mechanical engineering: Mechanics and dynamics) A constitutive equation is an equation that describes the relationship between two physical quantities, for example between the stress put on a material and the strain produced on it. The constitutive equation for most metals is based on Hooke’s law.

What do you mean by constitutive law?

The constitutive laws for a substance, whether solid or fluid, are the relations between the forces imposed on that substance and the resulting deformation at a macroscopic level. A substance can have many different constitutive laws pertaining to different deformations.

What is meant by constitutive matrix?

In physics and engineering, a constitutive equation or constitutive relation is a relation between two physical quantities (especially kinetic quantities as related to kinematic quantities) that is specific to a material or substance, and approximates the response of that material to external stimuli, usually as

What is constitutive Modelling?

Constitutive modelling is the mathematical description of how materials respond to various loadings. This is the most intensely researched field within solid mechanics because of its complexity and the importance of accurate constitutive models for practical engineering problems.

What is constitutive model of communication?

Instead of portraying communication as merely the transmission of information, the constitutive model posits that communication has power to shape reality itself (Baxter & Montgomery, 1996). In contrast, the constitutive model argues the relationship exists because of the communication that takes place within it.

What is the meaning of constitutive?

1 : having the power to enact or establish : constructive. 2 : constituent, essential. 3 : relating to or dependent on constitution a constitutive property of all electrolytes.

What is the meaning of Hooke’s Law?

law of elasticity

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What is compatibility equation?

The compatibility equation (1.88) for the nonsymmetric deformation of shallow caps were given in Chapter I. This equation reveals the connection between the membrane stress function F(r, ϕ) and the changes of the Gaussian curvature in the initial and deformed state Γ − Γ ¯ .

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