Body surface area equation

What is the formula for body surface area?

A formula to estimate the approximate surface area if height and weight be known. Arch Int Med 1916 17:863-71.meters inches.

Body Surface Area
Formula : BSA (m2) =
Mosteller : = √ height (cm) x weight (kg) 3600
DuBois & DuBois : = 0.20247 x height (m)0.725 x weight (kg)0.425

What is normal body surface area?

The “normal” body surface area is generally taken to be 1.7 m2 but, in actual fact, the body surface area depends on more than just height and weight. Other influential factors include the age and gender of the individual. For example: Average body surface area for adult men: 1.9 m2.

How do you calculate BSA on a calculator?

ReferencesEquation: BSA (m2) = 0.0235 x Height(cm)0.42246 x Weight(kg)0.51456Equation: BSA (m2) = 0.024265 x Height(cm)0.3964 x Weight(kg)0.5378Equation: BSA (m2) = SQR RT ( [Height(cm) x Weight(kg) ]/ 3600 )

What is the DuBois formula?

The calculation is from the formula of DuBois and DuBois: BSA = (W 0.425 x H 0.725) x 0.007184. where the weight is in kilograms and the height is in centimeters. DuBois D, DuBois EF. A formula to estimate the approximate surface area if height and weight be known.

How do you calculate total body burn in surface area?

Wallace Rule-of-Nines The Wallace Rule of Nines is a clinically efficient and accurate method to calculate the total body surface area of a burn. It is calculated by dividing the body into percentages of 9.

What is a good BMI?

For most adults, an ideal BMI is in the 18.5 to 24.9 range. For children and young people aged 2 to 18, the BMI calculation takes into account age and gender as well as height and weight. If your BMI is: below 18.5 – you’re in the underweight range.

What BSA is obese?

The overall BSA was 2.04 ± 0.24 m2: 1.81 ± 0.19 m2 in normal-weight, 1.99 ± 0.16 m2 in overweight, and 2.21 ± 0.22 m2 in obese subjects. These values were significantly higher in overweight and obese patients compared with the values using the DuBois-DuBois formula (overall, 2.00 ± 0.22 m2, P < .

How do you calculate ideal body weight?

Ideal body weight is computed in men as 50 + (0.91 × [height in centimeters − 152.4]) and in women as 45.5 + (0.91 × [height in centimeters − 152.4]). A simple alternative would be to compute ideal body weight as the weight corresponding to an ideal body mass index of 22 kg/m2.

What is psoriasis BSA?

Body surface area (BSA) BSA assessments measure the total area of your body affected by psoriasis. Psoriasis that occurs on less than 5 percent of your BSA is considered mild to moderate psoriasis. If psoriasis affects more than 5 percent of your BSA, you have moderate to severe psoriasis.

How do you calculate cardiac index?

The cardiac index is an assessment of the cardiac output value based on the patient’s size. To find the cardiac index, divide the cardiac output by the person’s body surface area (BSA). The normal range for CI is 2.5 to 4 L/min/m2.

Why do infants have a higher body surface area?

Key Points. Because of differences in absorption and the relatively larger amount of water in the diet, children may absorb more of a given substance in water and be exposed to greater doses than are adults. A newborn has a skin surface area three times greater by volume than does an adult.

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