Batman equation

Is there an equation for every curve?

Does any curve I draw on a graph have an equation? So your curve can be approximated as accurately as you wish, as Adhithya described. However, if you change the question to, “Given any continuous function, will it always have an equation?”, then the answer is no.

Does every function have an equation?

A function is a set of ordered pairs where each input (x-value) relates to only one output (y-value). A function may or may not be an equation. Equations are functions if they meet the definition of a function. Aren’t all functions also equations since functions contain an = sign (e.g f(x)=x+2x).

What is the equation of a parabola?

Given the focus (h,k) and the directrix y=mx+b, the equation for a parabola is (y – mx – b)^2 / (m^2 +1) = (x – h)^2 + (y – k)^2.

How do you cut a graph?

Cut Set of a Graph Let ‘G’= (V, E) be a connected graph. A subset E’ of E is called a cut set of G if deletion of all the edges of E’ from G makes G disconnect. If deleting a certain number of edges from a graph makes it disconnected, then those deleted edges are called the cut set of the graph.

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